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Six fashion tips for students this season

As students you are constantly on the go from the moment you wake up! It’s time to gather your folders for university, make breakfast, and pack your lunch – amongst trying to shower and put a brush through your hair. It can be easy to neglect yourself with all the chaos going on around you leaving you with the constant ‘I can’t be bothered’ feeling. As students you need a quick and easy routine with plenty of ‘go-to’ outfits you can throw on as you rush out the door.

As you work so hard, it’s nice to take some time to put together a few outfit choices ahead of your hectic schedules, that way it’s one less thing to worry about in the mornings when you open your closets. You also deserve to feel and look your best whilst attending lectures and carrying out your daily routine. From go-to pants to dresses, shoes and skirts, we have you covered with a few staple looks you can put together to leave you looking a million dollars with as little effort as possible!

The go-to pants and jeans

Pants and jeans whether it be straight or boot-cut, these are the best options for students. It is best to go with full length pants, preferably high-waist, to slim everything down and make the legs appear longer. Who said students couldn’t do chic whilst on the run from class to class! Flare pants are a great option for this season to give your body some breathing space. Pair an over-sized top with skinny jeans and you can look amazing whilst completing your daily tasks!


It might be time to ditch the pants and try a skirt instead. If you prefer something more light and free-flowing instead of skinny jeans then it’s time to put the focus on your waist, with an A-line skirt! But, if you love your curves and work hard at the gym to make them even better, then go with a pencil skirt with high elasticity to show off how you even find the time to work out! You’re that good!


It’s not just about A-line skirts, A-line dresses can also be a great option for students. Maxi dresses are another very good choice. They are wide, long and flowy, not to mention super-comfortable. As for length, choose knee-length or longer and add a waist belt for some extra style! Maxi dresses are great for every shape and size and are a great choice for people on the go who want comfort and style. They are perfect for this season and give a real effortless look!


When it comes to tops try to avoid crop tops as they tend to shorten the upper body. Go for slightly longer than the hips for length and choose light and bright colours for summer, to bring attention to the upper body. Wear frill-sleeves or deep V-necks and layer with vests underneath. Oversized tops are also great for those of us who want some comfort to go with style – pair them with skinny jeans to achieve just that.


When wearing slimmer pants such as skinny jeans, avoid stilettos and opt for chunkier heels. Stay away from ankle straps or contrasting-colour booties. Nude shoes and heels that match your skin tone will help lengthen the legs and make them appear thinner. As we are often running from place to place, it’s best to opt for comfort over style and choose more affordable options to dash about in. Students are often on a budget so we recommend you shop a range of very cheap sandals at Uppersole to complete this season’s look!


Lastly, you will want to consider the colours you choose. For pants, skirts and dresses, go for darker colours, like the staple LBD, navy, maroon, brown, khaki, or grey. If you prefer lighter colours, look for pastels, and softer prints. Avoid bright and bold colours for pants and for denim jeans opt for one colour designs. Be mindful, as contrasting colours and sizes can work in your favour. It might take some time to play about with different shades and styles that suit you!

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