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2nd October 2019

The best places to study in Manchester

From procrastination to pro-caffeination, writer Ry Jackson gives you the low down on some of Manchester’s best spots to get your work done
The best places to study in Manchester
Photo: Chevanon @ Pexels

When the day arrives that you inevitably never want to see the library again and you’re still struggling to find a seat in the Ali G, you’ll be thankful for this list. Whether you’re an adventurous fresher or a final year student yet to explore the best places in town, our list of the ideal places to do some work in Manchester is here to help. From stylish work spaces to busy cafes, we’ve got you covered.

The Daisy (44 Tib Street, Manchester)

A chic bar located in Northern Quarter, The Daisy is found tucked underground beneath Evelyn’s Cafe Bar. During the day, The Daisy is a co-working space serving coffee and more, but gradually turns into a cocktail bar in the evening as laptops and pens are put away. This is Manchester’s closest thing to Soho House, just without all of the memberships and exes to bump into. Perfect if you’re into tip-tapping away on your laptop imagining you’ve been newly cast on Made In Chelsea. Climb back up the stairs to Evelyn’s for great food too.  


Porter & Cole (124 High Street, Manchester)

Another very stylish place to grab a coffee and do some work, Porter & Cole (named after their two cute dogs if that sways your decision to visit…) is a lifestyle store, café and bar which is regularly occupied by many people typing away, having meetings or simply enjoying a beer during the evening.


North Tea Power (36 Tib Street, Manchester)

Just down the street from The Daisy, North Tea Power is a cafe worth visiting. With a formidable collection of different loose leaf teas and coffee blends, this cafe is perfect for wannabe baristas and tea connoisseurs. My personal favourite is the Sencha Cherry Japanese Green Tea. The subtle, cleansing taste of green tea combined with the scent of artificial cherry sweets – amazing. However, if brunch is more your thing, try their poached eggs on sourdough with sumac.


The Whitworth Cafe (Oxford Road, Manchester)

So much more than exhibitions. The Whitworth Cafe is an ideal place to get some work done without having to head into town. Flooded with light, views of Whitworth Park and the serenity that comes with the gallery atmosphere, this is the perfect place for relaxed work sessions. Excellent coffee, food and even better beer – what more could you ask for?


Pot Kettle Black (14 Barton Arcade, Manchester)

Sandwiched between luxury stores like Jeffrey West and mouth-watering Catalan deli Lunya, this coffee shop is a hidden gem. Having won ‘Best Cafe In Manchester’ last year in the Manchester Food and Drink Awards (2018), Pot Kettle Black is one of the most loved coffee spots in the city. With Scandinavian minimalism, artisan cakes and lots of table space – PKB is the best place to get your work done. 



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