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17th October 2019

Crossword Answers – Issue 5

Did you get them all right? Find out the answers from issue 5’s crossword here
Crossword Answers – Issue 5
Issue 5 Crossword Answers. Photo: Sophie Johnson.
Crossword answers – Issue 5. Photo: Sophie Johnson


4. Where science students spend most of their time, breed of gun dog (plural) (4)

6. ——- —– latte, your boujee friend is probably drinking one right now, seasonal caffeinated beverage (7-5)

8. Has a notoriously bad app, leaves your clothes smelling fresh for a small fee (7-7)

9. You’ve cooked this a hundred times already, Italian carb (5)

10. Big metal snakes that carry people all across Manchester (5)

11. Repercussion of a big night out, cured by a full English breakfast (8)

12. Heavy duty boots for edgy misfit students (2-7)

17. A person who you love despite them cluttering your sink and stealing your food (8)

18. Seven-day respite meant for studying (7-4)

19. —— Street, where you’ll find the Gay village, also a long stretch of water (5)

20. A cabinet of these looms over the Ali G café, tempting you with their obscene calories (6-5)

21. What many students do to their 9 am lecture (4)



Issue 5 Crossword Answers. Photo: Sophie Johnson.
1.Sacred referencing system we all must abide by, Ivy league university (7)
2.Yellow medicated drink made for soothing freshers flu (6)
3. You need an umbrella for this, Manchester is famous for it (4)

5. Musical event, what goes on in the SU basement after hours (7)

7. Exam format that brings a smile to every student’s face (8-6)

9. This place turns orange with the changing of the seasons, picturesque area in Fallowfield (5-6)

13. Sweaty student night for sporty guys and gals (2)

14. Small fluffy creatures commonly found eating trash in Whitworth Park, bar in Owens Park (9)

15. Watch out for these speed demons on Oxford Road, two-wheeled eco-friendly people (8)

16. Sweet-smelling alternative to smoking with less sweet health risks (6)

Anja Samy

Anja Samy

Editorial Advisor and Head of Manchester Media Group.

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