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ASOS’ ‘See My Fit’ tool is a step in the right direction for online shopping

That feeling when an online order arrives and the clothes fit nothing like on the model? It may soon be a thing of the past.

Online retailer ASOS has recently launched a new function on its website to help customers make more informed purchasing choices. ‘See My Fit’ is an augmented reality tool that lets shoppers see how an item fits on models of different heights, sizes and body types.

Linda Martins, Senior UI Designer at ASOS, described the feature as “a stepping stone allowing customers to see an item of clothing on a ‘model like them’.”

The tool, which was developed in partnership with Israeli AR company Zeekit, is currently being trialled on 800 dresses on ASOS’ desktop website. When customers click the ‘See My Fit’ icon on the item’s product page, they will see a simulated view of it on a range of 16 models in UK sizes 4 to 18 and from 5′ 1″ to 5′ 11″ tall.

Consumers have been demanding more diversity and representation from the fashion industry for years. Finally, fast fashion is starting to listen. ASOS’ use of augmented reality will allow customers to feel confident in their purchases, no matter their body type. This is a huge step in the right direction, making shopping easier and normalising a wider range of figures in the retail space.

What’s more, in an industry that produced 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon in 2015, any measure to reduce its environmental impact is of great importance. ‘See My Fit’ could help by preventing item returns. As well as reducing carbon emissions, this would cut plastic packaging – which a US study found is not frequently recycled by retailers – and landfill waste, to which returned clothing contributes an estimated 2.3 billion kilograms each year.

ASOS’ new technology makes it easier to find clothes that fit, while representing customer diversity and contributing to the environment. If that’s the future of online shopping, I’m in!

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