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  • ‘Keir Starmer did a poo’: Labour party group apologises following unauthorised tweet
Tweets from a Labour Party group. Photo: The Mancunion

‘Keir Starmer did a poo’: Labour party group apologises following unauthorised tweet

The Labour Party group for Canterbury and Whitstable was forced to hurriedly apologise last night after an ‘unauthorised tweet’ was posted to their account.

The tweet – which was posted at 8:30pm on Wednesday and deleted shortly after – claimed that their leader, Keir Starmer, ‘did a poo’.

An apology, which has also since been deleted, was posted in response to the mis-hap: ‘There has tonight been an unauthorised tweet on this account which has been deleted – apologies for this especially as it demonstrated a lack of Labour Socialist values.’

Twitter users have since expressed various reactions to the blunder ranging from outright glee to confusion about the content of the apology.

One user raised a query about what aspect of the original tweet goes against ‘Labour Socialist values’, asking ‘Why? Is pooing not socialist?’

Another user compared the tweet to the incident in January 2016 in which Jeremy Corbyn’s twitter account was hacked, resulting in a series of expletive-ridden tweets such as the infamous, ‘davey cameron is a pie.’

With the tweet and the resulting apology swept under the rug, seems we may never know which aspect of the twitter blunder went against Labour Socialist values, or whether Sir Keir really did ‘do a poo’. But in lieu of answers, The Mancunion has compiled a few of the best responses to the incident.

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Anja Samy

Editor-In-Chief of The Mancunion and Head of Manchester Media Group.
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