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12th February 2021

An ode to Topshop: the trends our teenage selves thankfully threw out

From Joni jeans to disco pants, Topshop was definitely our source of all things stylish in the 2010s.
An ode to Topshop: the trends our teenage selves thankfully threw out
Photo: Mark Brightmore @ Instagram

With the recent announcement that Topshop and Topman are now owned by ASOS, our highstreet shopping experience has definitely faced a blow. While these shops were our source of some stylish pieces at a price that we could trust, they also acted as a reminder of our 13-year-old selves who wanted to feel grown-up and shop at the trendiest store in town.

We are currently mourning the death of this beloved brand. So, we thought a fun way to cheer ourselves up would be to remember the iconic Topshop trends we were obsessed with as teenagers, which thankfully have been left behind.

That Rihanna t-shirt

A photo isn’t even needed for you to remember this t-shirt. Literally everyone had one. Styled with a pair of beige chinos (which we’re also quite glad haven’t made a comeback), this was every boy’s go-to look in the summer of 2013.

Joni jeans

The first time that high-waisted skinny jeans came into style was a blessed day! While many brands did their own variations, most people didn’t look further than the iconic Joni jeans. Some people still swear by these today. However, I’m personally glad that trends have moved to more comfortable, loose-fitting jeans.

Varsity jackets

I’m not sure why we wanted to pretend to be university students or American baseball players at the age of 11. I can guarantee no-one believed it. Yet these jackets were the key to feeling mature and trendy. Luckily, I don’t think we’ll be dragging them out of the closet after graduating from UoM.


For reasons that are still unclear, everyone seemed to be obsessed with moustaches in 2012. Not a Movember-esque growth like you might be thinking, we’re talking t-shirts, jewellery, and even shoes, in the shape of a moustache. We’re glad to see the back of this bizarre trend, but it’s hilarious thinking about the rogue pieces Topshop during this time.

Geek t-shirts

Apparently, it was cool to be smart back in the early 2010s. At least, it was cool to put it on a t-shirt. A variety of these were available with slogans like ‘geek’, ‘nerd’ and ‘dweeb’. We’re honestly still unsure why, but what is certain is that Topshop kicked off this quirky trend. Who even uses the word dweeb, anyway?

Disco pants

If you wanted to wear a casual pair of leggings but look like you’d put more effort into your outfit, disco pants were an essential item. Topshop was known for selling a variety of these high-shine, form-fitting trousers that certainly made a statement.

Frilly socks

Primary school frilled socks were obviously uncool, but these pastel variations were at the height of style back in our teenage years. While they were evidently quite sweet, what is hard to forgive is how we’d pair them with sandals, heels or just any pair of shoes that definitely shouldn’t have featured socks.

Wooden Jesus bracelets

You didn’t have to be religious to rock one of these. I can guarantee everyone owned one at some point in their life. In the present day, we’re not really a fan of appropriating religion for fashion purposes – it’s a thumbs down from us!

In all seriousness, while these trends may be hilarious in retrospect, it’s proof that Topshop has always been ahead of the curve, catering to current styles. Over the last 10 years, we have watched them transform from a somewhat quirky, trend-led shop to being the go-to for everything. From an elegant evening dress to comfy loungewear sets, it will definitely be fondly missed.

Daisy Bradbury

Daisy Bradbury

Fashion Editor

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