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International Women’s Day: Join Women In Business Society’s Female Founders of Manchester Panel

Women in Business Society is hosting the female founders of Manchester panel event on the 8th of March to celebrate International Women’s Day. The event will feature independent business owners in Manchester where they discuss their journeys and experience as established female business owners in Manchester.

‘We decided to organise this event because we wanted to showcase some of the strong female voices we have in the business industry in Manchester. All the speakers are incredibly driven and we want to provide an opportunity for them to share their stories to inspire the next generation of female business leaders’, said Grace, the president of Women in Business Society.

The event will feature panelists as follows:

Nichola Payne, the founder of Oklahoma, the biggest independent gift shop in Manchester. Nichola’s business is inspired by people ‘who work with their hands and lead bright colourful lives’. Her gift shop is the result of years of hard work culminating in an Aladdin’s cave full of unusual and surprising discoveries’.

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Jennie Johnson MBE, founder of CEO of kids allowed LTD, and Business Woman of the Year 2019. Johnson founded her company as she wanted to create fantastic childcare, with her first centre opened in 2005 and her 8th in 2018. Jennie was awarded ‘CEO of the Year’ at the UK Private Business Awards, the first female to win the award. Jennie also won ‘Business Woman of the Year in 2019’.

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Zosima Fulwell, owner and founder of Mama Z. Her business is committed to bringing fresh and delicious Filipino food to Manchester. She has a summer residency at Hatch as well as event catering. Her Filipino condiments are sold online and stocked in areas across Manchester.

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Jenny Maxwell, owner and founder of a Nordic music lifestyle store. A University of Manchester alumni, Jenny launched her business of Nordic Muse in 2018 where she felt high street retailed lacked a personal touch

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Zoom link of the event can be found here. The event will take place on 8th March at 6 pm with a Q&A opportunity at the end of the event.

UoM Women in Business Society Instagram can be found here.

UoM Women in Business Society Facebook page can be found here

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