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5th March 2021

Speak up and stand out with this stylish local accessory brand

Activism comes before appearance with this bold Manchester brand.
Speak up and stand out with this stylish local accessory brand
Photo: Luna Manchester

Luna Manchester isn’t just another fashion accessories brand – no, they’re the voice of our generation.

Activism meets accessories in this quirky and creative brand. From their ‘pussy power’ iron-on patches to their ‘protect trans lives socks’, Luna is putting the term ‘fashion statement’ to the ultimate test.

Protect trans lives flag socks
Photo: Luna Manchester

Housed in the infamous Afflecks, Luna is creating pins, patches and every other accessory under the sun. While looking the part is important for their funky creations, it’s their social campaigning and inclusive messaging that really sets them apart from the crowd.

“Luna creates colourful things for colourful people, with vibrant and fun pop-culture focused designs. We specialise in ethical and socially conscious products with an extra dash of colour and sparkle!” says the brand.

Many mainstream highstreet stores may avoid speaking out about important issues for fear of backlash, but it’s Luna’s determination to create these conversations that makes them stand out. Whether it’s providing some girl-boss inspiration or encouraging people to be allies for the LGBTQ+ community, each and every item they create is fuelled by their outspoken, empowering ideals.

Ask me about my pronouns enamel pin
Photo: Luna Manchester

“Our designs help people normalise and give visibility to subjects that are important to them, whether that’s using their pronouns correctly with enamel pins or having different flag patches available so people can show off their gender or sexuality with pride!”

But creating conversations is just the start of Luna’s mission. In February, which marked LGBTQ+ History Month, the brand launched the ‘My Cup of Equalitea’ set in support of akt, a local charity supporting LGBTQ+ young people.

“akt’s mission to help homeless LGBTQ+ youth is incredibly important to us,’ says the brand, who were determined to give back and make a difference in the community. “They’re working hard to help some of the most vulnerable people in Manchester and across the UK.”

My cup of equalitea charity gift set
Photo: Luna Manchester

The brand has used its platform to speak about a variety of worldwide issues, such as the BLM movements and transgender rights, but the inspiration behind these conscious creations stems from its Manchester home.

“Whether it’s spending time in the Village or hanging out at our home in Afflecks, Manchester thrives on the diversity of the people who live there, and we love being part of that”, says Luna.

You can shop their entire collection of bold and boisterous accessories on the Luna Manchester website.

Daisy Bradbury

Daisy Bradbury

Fashion Editor

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