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13th May 2021

Cinemas are back soon – here’s what I’m looking forward to

Katie Bray tells us why she is looking forward to cinemas reopening, and the films she is most excited to watch when they do
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Cinemas are back soon – here’s what I’m looking forward to
Photo: clinthilbert @Pixabay

As a massive film and entertainment fan, I can safely say I am excited for the reopening of cinema screenings. There is something about the cinema that completely draws you in; enclosing you into the world of the movie; something that you miss when streaming the device on television.

Whilst I am excited for its return, I will be reluctant to rush straight into cinemas for a little while due to the continuing situation with COVID-19. However, that’s not to say cinema isn’t something that I have greatly missed, especially for the movies I am most anticipating. I, along with many others, will greatly appreciate the return of cinema culture and nights out with friends, family and popcorn (or chocolate in my preference). 

Here are some of the films I am most excited to watch in the cinema!

Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya and the Last Dragon | Official Teaser Trailer – YouTube

Between its stunning animation and cute sidekick Tuk Tuk, Raya and the Last Dragon sets itself to be another Disney hit. In a world of conflict, Raya must find the last dragon to unify all. With a star-studded line up including actress Awkwafina as Sisu the dragon, Raya will enviably entertain adults and children alike. This is a movie I am looking forward to and hoping will be a great success alike Coco, Moana and many more Disney classics.

The Conjuring 3


After a long wait, the next instalment of The Conjuring Universe will soon arrive, titled The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. It continues the story of daemon experts Ed and Lorraine Warren as they follow the murder trial of Arne Johnson, who claimed to have been forced to kill by demons. Like the other Conjuring movies, I predict dark twists, jump scares and horrifying demonic characters to appear across every frame of the movie. Certainly one for the horror fans out there!

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home – Official Teaser (2021) Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon – YouTube

Whilst the movie is predicted later than many in the list, ‘Spider-Man’ is undoubtedly one of the movies I am most excited for in 2021. The story has remained steeped in mystery, from some suggesting and denying the appearance of previous cinematic Spider-Men, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, and the confirmation of Alfred Molina’s return as Doctor Octopus. Unsurprisingly, Marvel have kept the story under wraps, generating many conspiracies amongst die-hard fans. However, after the problems Peter Parker faced in Far From Home one can only assume that dangers will once again impact every aspect of his life. As a superhero film fan, I must also share my enthusiasm for the many other upcoming movies of 2022 of that genre, including Morbius, Doctor Strange 2 and Venom 2.

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