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15th February 2022

‘Gash or Tash’: Five complaints for Student Union bar after risqué quiz round

Students have reacted negatively after a new round of the Student Union bar hosted by Dizzy Quiz featured photos of pubic hair
‘Gash or Tash’: Five complaints for Student Union bar after risqué quiz round

The Students’ Union bar, 532, have received five complaints from participants of their Monday night Dizzy Quiz a few weeks ago, following a raunchy picture round titled ‘Gash or Tash’.

A participant of the quiz told The Mancunion that the aim of the newly added ‘Gash or Tash’ round was for quizzers to guess whether a cropped photo shown was a moustache or pubic hair.

‘Gash or Tash’ was allegedly met with mixed responses from quizzers and five formal complaints were submitted directly to the Students’ Union, from students who did not feel that a round like this was appropriate for a Students’ Union quiz.

A third-year politics and sociology student, who would like to remain anonymous, shared their thoughts on the quiz saying: “That’s pretty grim. Yeah, I get that you want to have fun rounds in a quiz, pushing the boundaries a bit, and it’s obviously not the worst thing in the world, but rounds like ‘Gash or Tash’ aren’t inclusive and make me not really want to do a quiz there.”

Katy, a second year English Literature student told The Mancunion that she found the round “hilarious”, but felt it would have been much better suited to a “stag do or a friend’s birthday, where you know they have that kind of sense of humour.”

The Students’ Union, Bar 532, and Dizzy Quiz have been contacted for comment. It is not clear if any further action will be taken on the bar or the hosts of the quiz, but a representative from the Students’ Union have said they are still looking in to the matter.

The SU pub quiz is a very popular weekly event, hosted by Dizzy Quiz – a pub quiz organiser who also runs similar nights across Greater Manchester. The quiz is more fast paced than the traditional pub quiz format. Alongside the usual quiz master with a microphone, questions are displayed on TV screens around the bar, with participants using mobile phones to submit answers. Dizzy Quiz describes itself as “fun, funny and a challenge” that not only “eliminate[s] Pens and paper, but it also eliminates CHEATING!”

The Bar 532, located on the ground floor, is part of the Student Union’s group of commercial venues, which provide a portion of the income for the SU, alongside the annual block grant from the University. Aside from pub quizzes, Bar 532 hosts themed nights for large sporting events, open mic nights, and screens sports matches. The bar is open from 12-10 on Monday-Thursday and 12-Midnight on Friday.

Daryll Gagg, host of Dizzy Quiz, has posted a statement on the Facebook group for the pub quiz which states that “The ‘Gash or Tash’ round is an observation round which contains either Male or Female pubic hair extremely zoomed in as to not show anything too raw. The quiz round was intended for light-hearted fun and has been used in other venues also containing University Students. There has never been anyone that has complained about that round until recently. Dizzy Quiz and Myself would first like to apologise for anyone that took offence to the quiz round, and was never intended to cause any discomfort to anyone. Dizzy Quiz will now continue to be on of the best quiz nights in Greater Manchester and welcomes anyone to attend our quiz right and rest assured that no offensive rounds have ever been included in our quiz nights and never will. Thank you to everyone for your continued support.”

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