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5th May 2022

The Grand Tour: UK University news around the UK, early May

What do Taylor Swift, Email scams and university cuts all have in common? University news time!
The Grand Tour: UK University news around the UK, early May
Photo: Ninara @ Flickr

Ukrainian Student at Cambridge to take course while on the front line

A fresher at the University of Cambridge has decided to take up arms and fight in Ukraine, whilst simultaneously studying for his exams in the war-torn country. Nikolai Nizalov, a 19-year-old natural sciences undergraduate decided to bring his lectures with him to help study in his spare time.

Belfast University could have to cut 1,500 places by 2025

The Queen’s University Belfast vice-chancellor Ian Greer has said that the University may have to cut over 1,500 places at the University. The Department for the Economy required the University to make cuts of up to 15% in order to save money. Greer warned that undergraduate places would be the first to go, but that nothing is finalised.

Durham University embroiled in anti-racism training scandal

Durham University was forced to go back on its plans for mandatory, anti-racism training after receiving online backlash from students calling the move ‘anti-white indoctrination. The training aimed at ensuring a safer community for people of colour was then scrapped with a spokesperson saying the workshop was not mandatory and that the intention was to make the campus more inclusive, not divisive.

UCL faced 60 million malicious email attacks in first months of 2022

Data from a FOI suggests that UCL was subject to 60 million spam, phishing, malware and Edge Block attacks in the first three months of 2022. The news has led to concerns about cybersecurity on campus. Microsoft Office 365 was the most vulnerable software with a lack of Edge Block software blocking malicious attacks.

University society receives unlikely gift from Taylor Swift

The University of York SwiftSoc received a card and merchandise directly from signer Taylor Swift after the Easter Break, with her management thanking them for their support. The society is one of 40 Universities across the UK with a society dedicated to Taylor Swift.

More Coverage

Manchester Camp of Resistance disruption spreads across campus

An instagram post by MLA shows protestors occupying University Place, the same day that the encampment spread onto the Alan Gilbert square

Students and public display solidarity with student occupation in face of police presence

Protesters and police gathered outside the building on May 27, but the occupation remains on-going

65% of UoM’s electricity demand to be supplied by new solar farm deal

As part of the University of Manchester’s goal of zero carbon emissions by 2038, a new contract has been signed which meets 65% of the University’s electricity demand with clean, renewable electricity

Tickets for ‘Alive! Festival: Solstice’ out now

The student-run event will be “taking over the SU” on June 6, with 5 stages and 30 student artists