6th October 2022

Optimising comfiness during a season of autumn reads

As the days start to get shorter and the spooky season looms, here’s some key essentials you’ll need to stay comfy whilst reading this autumn
Optimising comfiness during a season of autumn reads
Photo: Alex Geerts @ Unsplash

Autumn has rolled around once again, which means now is the perfect time to get cosy and read all of your favourite stories. Whether you’re in halls or housing, there are always ways to enhance your reading atmosphere at this time of year; so, get settled in, and keep these ideas in mind for optimising comfiness whilst reading this autumn

A nice, tidy room

Never underestimate the power of a tidy room. Before you even think about the cosy evening ahead, put away the clothes that have lived on your floor for the past four days and do a quick tidy around. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but a clear room is a clearer mind.

Candles and autumnal scents

As September transitions into October, you’ll notice a parade of spiced candles appear on the shelves in your local shops. Seize this opportunity to fill your room with warm and homely scents as you read. Alternatively, if your accommodation doesn’t allow candles, you can opt for reed diffusers or sprays. The Mrs Hinch Febreeze (a more Christmassy choice) is a definite contender here.

Wrap yourself up!

Treat yourself to fresh bedding, get the blankets out, and bury yourself under all of your fluffiest apparel. There’s nothing that says snug like having a mountain of quilts around you. Who doesn’t like freshly washed bedding, even if it means facing the dreaded circuit laundry?

ASMR rooms on YouTube

ASMR rooms is a YouTube account hosting a huge selection of videos to play in the background whilst you read. From the crackling fireplace of a Harry Potter common room to the comforting sounds of a distant thunderstorm, these videos set the perfect atmosphere for quiet nights in.

Last but not least: snacks

Finally, remember to stay hydrated (bonus points for a hot drink in ode to the autumn theme), and stack up on your favourite snacks. This way, there’s more reason to stay in your chosen spot and read to your heart’s content!

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