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21st February 2023

New survey finds UoM second most romantic UK University

61.74% of students at the University of Manchester meet a romantic partner at university, and 21% find love.
New survey finds UoM second most romantic UK University
Photo: @Pxhere

A new survey sampling 30 UK universities finds that 61.74% of students at the University of Manchester meet a romantic partner at university.

The study, carried out by The Knowledge Academy, used a sample of 3500 past and present students from the top 30 UK universities.

In the survey, the University of Manchester ranks as the second best university for falling in love, coming second to the University of York at 63.30%.

Of the Manchester sample, 20.87% married their University partner, and 42.61% had children with their University partner.

Holly, a second-year student at the University of Manchester, said “I would think it would be lower than that [….] Lots of people are so career-driven now, and just focused on their studies at uni.”

The figures for Manchester were notably higher than the average for the 30 Universities sampled. The overall average for meeting a romantic partner at University is 35.63%, whilst marrying a university partner is 12.17%. The average for having children with a university partner is 24.37%.

Whilst at University, figures from University of Manchester students found 97.18% (average: 90.14%) have a short-term relationship (less than one year), and 2.82% (average: 9.86%) had a long-term relationship (more than one year).

The best university for finding the person to marry was Queens University Belfast (21.50%), with the University of Oxford ranking second, and Manchester third.

The University of Manchester is the only university to rank in the top three both for finding a romantic partner at university and for marrying a university partner.

The University of Aberdeen ranked lowest of the 30 universities for finding a romantic partner, with 6.40% participants finding love at university. The University of Leeds ranked lowest for marrying a university partner (5.00%).

Similar studies in the past have made similar conclusions on the University of Manchester’s likelihood for relationships. One Day University Love League’s 2011 study found, from a sample of 2000 UK graduates, 20% meet the love of their life at university. At the University of Manchester, 21% found love (ranking fifth).

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