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26th March 2023

Eight exciting games this year

Are you struggling to decide what to play? Check out this list to find out more about some of the games coming out in 2023
Eight exciting games this year
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1. Hogwarts Legacy (out now)

While it is a title versed in controversy due to its associations with series creator J.K. Rowling, it promises fans exactly what they had always dreamed of… going to Hogwarts as their own personalisable student, being sorted into a house, choosing a wand, encountering magical creatures, exploring the halls of the magical school and even more.

It puts you in the shoes of a fifth year student in 1899 that has a gift for uncovering ancient magic and encounters poachers and a goblin rebellion with dark wizards that want to capture and exploit these abilities. Whilst its the first major game for Avalanche Software, the reviews have mainly been great, pointing out the amazing detail and combat systems with a few flaws in narrative and load times. I’m sure a lot of Potterheads will be pleased as the last game they got was the walking simulator of Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix.


2. Jedi: Survivor (April 28)

After the shocking reveal of Cal Kestis’ backstory in Star Wars: Fallen Order and his survival of the infamous Order 66, I have been waiting eagerly to jump back into the galaxy of Star Wars once more. From the gorgeous planets, to interesting puzzles, challenging battles and an amazing narrative, the Jedi Franchise is stunning and I can’t see how Survivor could possibly fall short.


3. Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League (May 26)

Another Warner Bros. multiplayer game you say? Yes, Suicide Squad appears to be another game featuring the ability to play as single or multiplayers with a team of misfit heroes. Unlike Gotham Knights, the game is created by Arkham series creators, Rocksteady Studios.

The story follows the unlikely team of ex-villains as they are tasked with killing the mind-controlled Justice League, made of the strongest superheroes, with the likes of The Flash, Superman and Batman. Whilst it has faced some controversy over battle pass leaks and fears of monetisation, the fact it features the last appearance of the late and great Kevin Conroy as Batman makes it an unmissable and bitter-sweet entry into the franchise.

Here’s to hoping it has a nice balance between the campy humour of the squad of misfit anti-heroes and the series narrative tone of the previous Arkham instalments (and doesn’t lean too heavily into predatory monetisation).


4. Dead Island 2 (April 28)

After the zombie outbreak, our chosen slayer must battle through the streets of California as the virus worsens. The game feels similar to the action of Dying Light; goofy and fun with crazy gore effects and a variety of elemental, DIY, ranged and melee weapons. This should be an interesting game but many will be wondering whether it was worth the 8 year wait since its original announcement back in 2015.


5. Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom (May 12)

I seriously doubt that Nintendo could ever drop the ball with a game this big. After its predecessor (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild) was an enormous hit and introduced industry changing open-world gameplay systems that still influence new gaming producers, its almost certain that their worldbuilding will be just as impeccable.

The story will follow Link as you journey through Hyrule and the mysterious floating sky islands, giving us new abilities to fight the evil that threatens the kingdom. Something tells me that this will be another game that allows you to jump in whether you are an experienced Zelda player or not. It may be worth a play if you have a Nintendo Switch console (its unfortunately still a console exclusive).


6. Resident Evil 4: Remake (March 24)

Despite the strange influx of re-make games in the last few years, this one has certainly captured my attention. After recently playing the horror masterpieces of Resident Evil 7-8 and the reproductions of 2-3, I have been invested in their worlds of zombies and corrupt politics, despite how cliché these themes have become.

RE:4 follows the story of series veteran Leon S. Kennedy, now a special agent tasked with retrieving Ashley, the daughter of the U.S. President from a maniacal village of crazed and infected killers. Departing from the original, RE:4 has the addition of side quests, making the game feel more like an open interactive world, with interesting characters and infected variants.

Hopefully, this may separate it from other improved graphics, half-hearted and full-priced remasters. And if you haven’t played the previous games, don’t worry, the games always contain enough lore and exposition to allow veterans and newbies alike to enjoy the game.


7. Spider-Man 2 (Autumn)

One of my favourite games of ALL time is finally getting another sequel! Peter Parker and Miles Morales will be swinging back into their roles as the friendly spider-men of New York. The narrative picks up after the previous two games, investigating the disappearance and illness of Harry Osborn and his shady father’s use of a mysterious venom symbiote in attempts to cure him.

The satisfying Arkham-like combat systems, the seamlessness of web-swinging and grappling across city skylines and the entertaining puzzles and mechanics create an immersive superhero game like no other- or simply put… it makes you feel like Spider-Man in an open world done right. If this sequel is anything like its previous instalments then this is a game you CANNOT miss, even if you are not a Marvel or superhero fan.


8. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora (TBC 2023)

A new first-person, Avatar (blue alien, not air-bender) themed video game is supposed to come this year, although the date is uncertain and trailers and previews have been limited. It promises the ability to play as one of the Na’vi and explore the Western Frontiers of Pandora, encountering beautiful creatures, plant-life and interesting new characters whilst tackling the colonial RDA forces that threaten to destroy their population and take their resources.

Hopefully Ubisoft will balance this more like the original Assassin’s Creed games, rather than creating open-worlds that feel too expansive, bare and repetitive. Fingers crossed for its success as a game that effectively immerses you into the world of Avatar would be phenomenal.

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