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1st April 2023

Exclusive: University of Manchester approves ChatGPT for assigments

ChatGPT is set to be approved as original work by the University of Manchester in undergraduate admissions. Find out more, exclusively, here:
Exclusive: University of Manchester approves ChatGPT for assigments
Photo: Ilgmyzin @ The Mancunion

The Mancunion can exclusively reveal that the University of Manchester is set to approve the use of ChatGPT in undergraduate assignments from the coming academic year.

The subjects involved in the pilot program would include English Literature, History, and most of the Humanities. The Mancunion understands that Maths and other STEM subjects would not be included.

A statement leaked anonymously to The Mancunion notes that this strategy follows in the University of Manchester’s history of being ‘groundbreaking in every field, including research, teaching, and new technology’, citing, for example, Alan Turing’s illustrious past in Manchester.

The statement continues to say that ‘The use of ChatGPT in academic settings can help students develop digital literacy skills that are increasingly important in today’s technology-driven society’.

This is a controversial move. ChatGPT has been condemned online by academics as ‘made by idiots, for idiots’. In New York, there has been a city-wide ban on ‘all devices and networks’ in public schools. Having said that, Elon Musk, knower of all things, described the program as ‘scary good’.

The Tab recently ran an investigation in which a student achieved a 2:2 using the program. The professor was informed ahead of time, as the student was not a regular member of the module.

When asked about its own use, the program noted several benefits of the use of the program, while noting that these benefits ‘should be balanced against potential risks’.

It noted that ChatGPT essays would ‘save time for students who might otherwise spend hours researching and writing’. One student, when contacted for comment, said that once he could use ChatGPT, he would spend the time he currently spent working ‘in the Friendship Inn’.

This is an April Fool’s Day article. None of the information in this story is true. Happy April Fool’s!

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