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19th April 2023

IOLLA launches brand new eco-collection

The Scottish born eyewear brand has launched its new eco-collection of frames. See what the brand has to offer, from frame designs to affordable pricing.
IOLLA launches brand new eco-collection
IOLLA’s Manchester store. Photo: Jacob Robinson @ The Mancunion.

With 69% of people in the UK wearing glasses and 3,000 tonnes of lenses going to landfill each year, the demand has never been higher for an eco-conscious solution to eyewear. Scottish-born glasses brand IOLLA has the answer.

IOLLA has recently launched a brand new eco-collection of frames. These frames feature fully biodegradable eco-acetates, meaning that frames can be broken down naturally without causing pollution.

The first two pairs to be added to the collection are Butter Tortoise and Crystal Fade from the Douglas collection. All of IOLLA’s black frames are also made from 70% recycled acetate, produced from off-cuts which would usually be discarded during the frame manufacturing process. These frames feel no different to any other pair of glasses, so you’re not compromising on comfort or quality by choosing them. The brand pledges that 25% of its range will be eco by the end of 2023.


Photo: Jacob Robinson @ The Mancunion.

IOLLA stands out against its competitors by creating not only stunning eyewear with eco-friendly materials, but also by offering an innovative IOLLA Refresh Service. This service breathes new life into IOLLA frames, which can be revitalised in various ways. Whether it’s to address a change in prescription or to fix a scratched lens, IOLLA provides a range of solutions to repair, reuse, or recycle your glasses.

As summer approaches, you can even transform your old specs into shades, making a bold statement that’s both original and environmentally conscious.

IOLLA encourages its customers to recycle old frames. Its new recycling programme ensures your glasses can be reused responsibly and prevents any products from reaching landfill. They accept frames from any brand as part of this service.

With three showrooms in Scotland, the Manchester showroom is its first and only showroom in England. The brand opened its Manchester store in August last year, only seven months ago.

I visited the Manchester store on an unusually sunny April morning. Greeted by the warm smile of one of their stylists, I was immediately confident that their advertised fun and relaxed shopping environment was in practice.

There’s nothing worse than being persisted by an over-friendly staff member (if you’ve ever been to Lush, you’ll know exactly what I mean). But in IOLLA’s Manchester store, I felt at ease, knowing that if I needed any help, one of their stylists would be ready to assist.

Photos: Jacob Robinson @ The Mancunion.

The stylist who served me was great at providing recommendations for which of their frames would suit my face – a challenge when shopping for glasses by yourself. I ended up picking out their Rowling frame in Chrome Gold: a definite change from my existing frames.

It’s important to bear in mind that IOLLA doesn’t offer in-house eye tests but accepts prescriptions from elsewhere. Nevertheless, you’ll be in good hands going to IOLLA, having created a pair of signature specs for the character of Tommy Shelby to wear in the fifth series of Peaky Blinders.

IOLLA’s approach to pricing is slightly different to that of its competitors. Whilst it is now common for boutique eyewear brands to offer standardised pricing, IOLLA keeps their pricing even simpler. There are no hidden costs or added extras – lens thinning is even included as they “don’t discriminate against those who need a thinner lens.” All glasses and sunglasses with prescription lenses cost £85, with varifocals at an additional £100 to £160.  Students get 15% off all IOLLA’s range through Student Beans.

It’s clear that IOLLA is taking concrete steps to reduce its impact on the environment. From eco-friendly materials to paper-free processes, the brand is continuously striving for more sustainable choices.

IOLLA’s Manchester store is located in St Ann’s Square, open seven days a week (Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 11am-5pm). You can also purchase their glasses and sunglasses online through their website.

Jacob Robinson

Jacob Robinson

Former Head Investigations Editor & MMG News Producer 2023-24 | Former Head of Talk Shows and Deputy Head of Podcasting at Fuse FM 2022-23

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