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5th October 2023

On screen style report #1: Serena van der Woodsen

What would Serena van der Woodsen wear in 2023? Gossip Girl and The Mancunion are here to find out
On screen style report #1: Serena van der Woodsen
Photo: @basswaldorf on Flickr

Hello, Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here. Autumn is just around the corner and who better to turn to for style inspiration than the It-girl herself: Serena van der Woodsen.

Played by Blake Lively, the character of Serena van der Woodsen became associated with the party girl lifestyle and would probably find herself in the ‘Cool Girl’ style category in 2023. Most known for her blonde, blow-dried, but just-rolled-out-of-bed hair and her effortlessly cool fashion, Serena inspired girls’ wardrobes and will for years to come.

But what would she wear if her character was styled today? Would she jump on any of the trends or aesthetics? Time to find out.


Serena van der Woodsen would of course still buy from designer brands, but we can see her loving Vinted too for some variety (something that Blair probably wouldn’t agree with). We think that she would be more into sustainable fashion than her best friend, so wouldn’t mind thrifting some unique pieces to add to her extensive wardrobe.

Oversized blazers and jackets

If there’s one thing we can picture Serena van der Woodsen in, it’s an oversized blazer styled with low-waisted jeans and a glittery top. The oversized clothing trend has taken off in the past couple of years and whilst we don’t think Serena would don BDG’s cargo trousers, we could see her throwing an oversized blazer or leather jacket over her outfits.

For nights out at Chuck’s club, we think she would pair something like this black leather AllSaints jacket with a simple slip dress, and favour a blazer like this cream Zara number with jeans and a top when sitting on the steps outside Constantine with Blair. Some others we spotted are this relaxed fit velvet Galvan blazer which is very Serena, and she’d probably also stick to her roots with this fitted denim blazer by Veronica Beard – Upper East Siders have the money for a big closet after all!

90s fluffy hair

In terms of current beauty trends, we think Serena would be interested in, the revival of the fluffy 90s blowout look would certainly catch her eye! We think she’d be all in for the bouncy layers and sweeping curtain fringe. It would look amazing with her blonde hair and complement her effortlessly cool, party girl style.

Slip dresses

As well as bringing back 90s fluffy hair, Serena would definitely wear slip dresses à la Kate Moss on all her nights out. We can definitely picture her in both mini and maxi dresses (gold ones of course!) with her signature knee-high boots. To complete the look, she’d pair her slip dress with a clutch or vintage shoulder bag and a martini in hand.

Biker boots

Serena probably wouldn’t participate in the cowboy boot trend but we could see her in biker boots. Usually caught wearing knee highs, she’d most likely opt for knee-high biker boots like these from Kurt Geiger but she may choose a shorter pair like these Office ones.

Vintage kitten heels

Obviously, knee-high biker boots aren’t the most practical with low-waisted jeans (Serena would definitely keep her classic noughties Levi’s in her closet), so she’d favour kitten heels for everyday outfits. These shoes are classy and versatile, so perfect for switching from day to night wear. Serena may choose a classic brown pair such as these Jimmy Choos to go with her jeans, but for a night out at the opera, we think she’d like these unique black ones from Prada or maybe even these pearl embellished Mach & Mach ones.

Mini skirts

Serena’s style was always a bit more ‘party girl’ in comparison to Blair’s very Hepburn-inspired looks, so she’d probably love the mini skirt revival to complement her knee-high boots. Whilst we don’t think she’d opt for the Diesel B-Berny mini skirt/belt, she might like pleated mini skirts or ones with sequins for her glamorous nights out. These ones from Balmain and Miu Miu, respectively, would certainly catch her eye.

Victoria’s Secret revival

The other beauty trend we think she’d be interested in is Victoria’s Secret Angel makeup. A natural makeup base with plenty of blusher, and either a minimalistic cat eyeliner or black kohl to tight line her eyes with a white shimmer in the corner. We can also see her loving the Rare Beauty blushes and Fenty lip glosses for this look.

Bardot and strapless tops

The final trends we can see Serena loving are Bardot and strapless tops which have recently increased in popularity, particularly for evening wear and autumn/winter. She would definitely rock a strapless dress, but we can also picture her in off-the-shoulder tops and jumpers for those crisp Autumn mornings in New York. With a pair of jeans and kitten heels, these long-sleeved tops would make the perfect classy outfit for a night out.

Serena van der Woodsen’s style always felt very distinct from other 2000s girls’ fashion, which is why it was so iconic at the time when Gossip Girl was airing and is still admired today. Whilst she may take inspiration from certain contemporary sources, we can assume that she probably wouldn’t follow one particular aesthetic or have a wardrobe inundated with trends – that’s why we love her!

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