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1st December 2023

2024 fashion forecast: A peek into what you can expect to see trending next year

As the year comes to a close, here’s a guide of what trends we think will be seen all around campus next year
2024 fashion forecast: A peek into what you can expect to see trending next year
Credit: Laura Chouette @ Unsplash

2023 has been the year of ribbons, red, cowboy boots, and cargos. As the year comes to a close, only one thing is more important than your Christmas list or New Year’s plans; what will you be wearing in 2024? Here are my top five trend predictions for the year ahead.

The comeback of collars

I am a huge fan of collared shirts, and am beyond glad these pieces are expanding beyond the seasonal line-up of Ganni. Peter Pan collars are going to quickly replace the preppy Chelsea collar we all know and love, with this classic style taking charge of shirts, blouses and even jumpers. H&M are supplying countless options this season with this black button-down peter pan collar blouse, with a frill detail (the white one is the perfect Ganni dupe), or even this gorgeous crochet style short sleeve top featuring that large collar. This timeless classic has even made its way to ASOS storefronts in the form of this reclaimed vintage shirt with an oversized collar.

A black crochet shirt with a white Peter Pan collar for 2024 trends
Credit: Crochet-look top @ H&M

Black denim

This is nothing surprising for fall and winter trends, but we’re going to see this stretch into spring too. Black monochromatic looks are going to be staples this winter, with dark denim pigeonholing this style. Dark knits with black denim, or even this much darker indigo denim compared to the light wash we are so used to, are perfect examples of what we can expect to see.

Coloured sheer tights

Get ready to see these sheer-coloured tights trending everywhere – I can already see this creeping up on my TikTok FYP. Layered under mini-skirts or even shorts (Hello 2011!) The It girls of today are already starting to favour darker-coloured sheer tights over the classic black we are all bored of. This burgundy pair decorated with a bow on the upper thigh looks great paired under a black mini skirt, as does this more elegant, sophisticated look. I can already see these decorative tights sneaking into high street shops, with stacks of designs lining the UO website.


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Wellington boots

Hear me out… Cowboy boots have dominated websites and wardrobes this year, but a trend is exactly that, and this one is bound to pass by the new year. I can’t help but think we’re about to enter a Hunter Welly renaissance, and have already started to see these rubber boots as part of styling videos. I’ve seen these boots featured in content by Jessi Regina styled with cargo shorts and a denim collared shirt. Think the Kate Moss X Glastonbury 2008 looks that we all know and love (just minus the mud and the festival).

Leopard print is the new neutral

This debate has transcended decades: are animal prints gauche and distasteful, or considered a neutral? This winter is going to see leopard print trending as a base, like in these muted leopard print jeans, or, for a more formal look, this stunning sheer leopard print dress, which looks great with the brown leather styled by on the model here. However you feel, it’s clear animal print isn’t going anywhere.

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