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7th December 2023

Union Assembly: two motions deliberated at Students’ Union

The second University of Manchester Students’ Union Assembly of the year saw motions concerning the Minimum services act and the BDS Boycott deliberated at Club Academy
Union Assembly: two motions deliberated at Students’ Union
Students’ Union. Credit: The Mancunion

Two motions were deliberated at the second Union Assembly of the 2023/24 academic year.

The session, required due to two time sensitive motions, was held in Club Academy.

The first motion, “Should the SU Oppose the Minimum Services Act?,” proposed by student and activist Fraser McGuire, opened up conversations for concern around the new government legislation.

“The Act gives government ministers the ability to force workers in certain sectors to work during strike action, by having employers issue ‘work notices’ which name who must work and what they must do,” the agenda says.

Points raised in deliberation included how this will affect international students, the relationship between lecturers and students, and the right to strike for all parts the University of Manchester’s staff.

The second motion, “Should the Students’ Union Commit to Boycott Divestment Sanctions?,” proposed by Doctor of Philosophy and Sociology Hala Marshood, explored the viability and impact of the Students’ Union involving themselves with the BDS Boycott. 

Participation in the boycott, which aims to end “all state, corporate and institutional complicity with Israel’s genocidal regime,” would see the Students’ Union cut ties with major companies such as Domino’s, of which the Students’ Union has a contract with.

Points raised in deliberation included the impact the boycott would have on food options at the Students’ Union, as well as the impact on different religious groups on campus.

The motion comes after multiple pro-Palestine protests on campus.

The session was organised to deliberate two time sensitive motions. Voting is now open for the motion relating to the Minimum Services Act.

Voting will open on the motion relating to the BDS Boycott once the Students’ Union trustee board “has outlined what implementation will look like in practice,” the agenda says.

“A timetable will be available shortly,” said chair of the Union Assembly, Ocean Dattani.

The session was held on December 6, 2023. The next Union Assembly will be held on February 15, 2024. Motions can be proposed on the “SUggestions” page of the Students’ Union website.

Results of the vote are due to come out on December 13.

Alex Cooper

Alex Cooper

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