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9th June 2024

Celebrity Style Guide #8: Dua Lipa and Callum Turner

We explore the style of up-and-coming couple, musician Dua Lipa and actor Callum Turner, from their day-time outfits to their after-party looks
Celebrity Style Guide #8: Dua Lipa and Callum Turner
Credit: Collage by Maia Penny @ The Mancunion

Award-winning artist Dua Lipa and actor Callum Turner are the new hottest couple on the block; they are the couple that bisexuals dream of (me, I dream of them). How is it fair that two equally stylish and good-looking people get to shove their relationship in our faces? Beyond their respective careers, they have both established themselves in the world of fashion, with Callum Turner making several appearances in GQ Magazine and Dua Lipa making headlines for her on and off-stage outfits. Both Turner and Lipa have been spotted at numerous fashion weeks, making them the perfect targets for our next deep dive into celebrity fashion.

Leather Jackets

They make matching seem cool… and somehow sexy? I think if I saw a couple in matching leather jackets sauntering around the big Sainsbury’s in Fallowfield, I’d be tempted to egg them (obviously this is a joke – not in this cost of living crisis), but Lipa and Turner looked unbelievably good as they were papped strutting the streets of London in March in their leather jackets. I think the key to achieving harmonious matching looks is wearing similar pieces that aren’t totally identical; Lipa rocked a long leather trench, whilst Turner wore a brown leather zip-up piece that made the couple look well-coordinated and most importantly, not cringe.

Volati a Parigi per prendere parte a un evento, Dua Lipa e Callum Turner si sono concessi anche una piccola fuga romantica nella città dell’amore. Nelle ultime ore, infatti, i due sono stati più volte avvistati per le vie della capitale francese, ma gli impegni lavorativi di entrambi potrebbero però averli costretti a rientrare dopo appena pochi giorni. Ed ecco infatti la cantante e l’attore mentre raggiungono la stazione pronti per ripartire in direzione Londra. Insieme ormai da qualche mese, la coppia al suo arrivo ha come di consueto attirato l’attenzione dei presenti, tra i quali c’era anche una sfortunata fan che ha tentato invano di scattare un selfie con la cantante di “Levitating”, prima che un bodyguard la bloccasse gettando a terra il suo cellulare. ————————— Flew to Paris to take part at an event, Dua Lipa and Callum Turner also took a little romantic getaway in the city of love. In the last hours, in fact, the two have been sighted several times in the streets of the French capital, but the work commitments of both may have forced them to return after just a few days. And here there are the singer and the actor as they reach the station ready to leave for London. Together for a few months now, the couple has as usual attracted the attention of those present, among whom there was also an unfortunate fan who tried to take a selfie with the singer of “Levitating” before a bodyguard blocked her by throwing her phone to the ground. [📹 BACKGRID] #whoopsee #dualipa #callumturner

♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – John (Songs Station) – สุขภาพดี ยิ้มได้กับคุณเบิร์ด

Afterparty style

Having only been in the spotlight as a couple for a short while, many of Turner and Lipa’s appearances together have been at the afterparties of their busy social calendars: the Grammys, the BAFTAs, the Brits – you know, the kinds of events we all soft launch our relationships at.

Even from the backseat paparazzi shots, it’s clear that Dua Lipa and Callum Turner have afterparty fashion absolutely nailed. It’s safe to say that men’s fashion regularly disappoints when it comes to red-carpet looks, often lacking experimentation. Turner is, sadly, no exception to this, but his sleek black suits do perfectly compliment Lipa’s all-black after-party dresses – from sheer black lace to open-back long-sleeve numbers.

Matching colours

The after-party looks perfectly showcase the final element of Turner and Lipa’s couple’s fashion: colour co-ordination. The pair have been spotted in matching blue jeans and white tops whilst strutting the streets of LA; even in their understated and casual looks, the two look perfectly put together, complementing each other’s outfits. If matching outfits feels a step too far, colour co-ordination can be a subtle nod to your loved-up status – I even heard Fallowfield is the new LA.


Callum Turner & Dua Lipa in Los Angeles 🤍 #callumturner #dualipa #callumturnerdualipa #dualipacallumturner #celebritycouple #couplesgoals #datingrumors #rumors

♬ Get back – jinxknsaudios

Whilst Dua Lipa might be spearheading the more experimental elements of the couple’s fashion, Callum Turner’s simple, clean, and tailored style is proof that the couple truly are a match made in fashion heaven. Their day and night-time looks are always spectacularly chic and put together, making them one to watch when it comes to celebrity couple style.

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