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Emily Bunting

Emily Bunting

CV packed for summer?

The University of Manchester has fantastic funding and bursary schemes aimed at helping people pursue work experiences that may go unpaid

Hottie in the library

Exam procrastination (well, procrastination in general in fact), is something us students are undeniably aware of. With the popularity of sites such as Facebook and Twitter, this has only been further enabled. However, the start of the exam period this year saw University of Manchester student Sean (who asked for his surname not to be […]

Facebook, the next bubble?

Last week saw the stock market debut of Facebook, whose initial public offering (IPO) has been surrounded by much hype. Investors purchasing Facebook’s shares will be seeking big returns for what are expected to be fairly long term investments, as is evident with Facebook’s earliest investors such as Accel Partners (who, having invested $12.7m in […]

Stringing together a business

‘Restringing rackets, Dan is able to undercut many of the big sports clubs’

Technology know-how vital for business students

‘It is necessary as a manager to have a clear understanding of the issues associated with deploying the power of technology’