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Hope Rapp

Hope Rapp

Teacup at Manchester Museum

Teacup’s got it all wrapped up for winter, but Hope Rapp wonders whether it’s all fur coats and no knickers…

Home Sweet Home

Craving that comforting, yummy meal you are missing from your family kitchen? Look no further than the Northern Quarter’s charming American diner where you’ll be sure to feel right at home

It’s time to wake up to waste

Hope Rapp tells us all why we should #wastenot and be aware of wasteful practices, both to save money and save waste

Splodge cake

Calling all chocolate lovers—this easy and dangerously delicious fridge cake is a winter comfort that you’ll want to make again and again

Pomegranate: Persian pearl of West Didsbury

“True to its name, it was as if we had peeled back the shell of a pomegranate to reveal colourful seeds full of sights, tastes and smells”