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Natalie Clark

Natalie Clark

What is sexy?

Natalie Clark discusses THAT Elle cover, and what sexy really is…

Thugs bunny

Natalie Clark discusses the latest trend to divide the fashion industry.

50 shades of grey

Natalie Clark discusses the era’s strangest trend

And we’ll never be royals royals…

Are the royals style icons? Natalie Clark shares her views

Vamp up your wardrobe

Natalie Clark reveals some spooky style ideas worth splashing out on

Top 5: 90s fashion on screen

Natalie Clark brings to you the hottest fashion of the 90’s on screen

Beyoncé sparks outcry with her custom-made ‘Zoo-in-a-Shoe’.

Natalie Clark discusses Beyonce’s ethical fashion faux-pas

Haute Cou-dumpster

Whilst we all know that fashion is subjective, do some designers take it too far?