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14th October 2013

Top 5: 90s fashion on screen

Natalie Clark brings to you the hottest fashion of the 90’s on screen

1. 1990 Pretty Woman

No iconic fashion-movie list could ever be completed without including Pretty Woman. Though Julia Roberts’ pre-hooker style may be a tad less wearable (unless you’re on Geordie Shore) her post-transformation wardrobe made the film what it was. From the brown polka dot ensemble at the Polo to that sophisticated outfit shopping on Rodeo Drive, Julia, you got it so right.


2. 1990 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The Fresh Prince’s original style is still resonating 20 years after the first episode aired. Rocking vibrant colours, Air Jordans and crazy patterns, Will’s cult-like fashion following is still ever present today. Let’s not forget spoilt, ditzy, hat-loving Hilary Banks. She stole the show with her smart suits, cutout minis and bold accessories, because the only thing that matters is fashion, duhh.



3. 1994 Friends

The 90s would not have been complete without Friends, and of course, Rachel Green’s style. Despite Jennifer Anniston HATING IT, ‘The Rachel’ haircut sparked a locks-chopping phenomenon, and hersartorial influence continued to grow; cropped shirts, dungarees, sundresses and of course her statement LBD. Effortless, chic and fabulous, no wonder everybody wanted to be Rachel.


4. 1995 Clueless

Need I say more? Cher and Dionne of the almighty Clueless (movie or extended fashion show? You decide…) brought us out of the grunge era sweeping the 90s with their sleek silhouettes and classy ensembles. Plaid suits, chunky wedges, collared dresses and the white-shirt-knit-sweater-look; the Clueless nostalgia has even cropped up on the Autumn/Winter 2013 catwalks. And that white mini-dress? “A dress, says who? “ “Calvin Klein.”


5. 1998 Sex and the City

Two words: Carrie Bradshaw. Yes, many a time the outfits were questionable, but more times than not, she, along with the other ladies, started trends. Making designers like Manolo Blahnik household names, the power of SATC inspired women to challenge their fashion boundaries. Who else but Carrie could get away with pigtails and stilettos in one go?

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