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15th October 2013

Vamp up your wardrobe

Natalie Clark reveals some spooky style ideas worth splashing out on

Once again it is that time of year; the time for guiltless gorging on sweets, the excusable wearing of next-to-nothing, and the compulsory watching of horror films that result in sleepless nights. Halloween is upon us, which means we must plan this year’s costume. However, if you’re a bit strapped for cash yet still want to get involved in the festivities, here are a few pieces that you’ll be able to pull off all year round. Think of it as an investment…


1)     Costume Idea: Cleopatra

The Statement Necklace. A key piece of any wardrobe and an absolute essential when becoming the ancient Queen of Egypt.  Teamed with heavy black eyeliner, a gold dress and some sandals to be instantly transported back to Ancient Egypt. After returning from the Nile, this necklace will dress up a plain top teamed with jeans, or accentuate an outfit for a night out.

Topshop £32



2)     Costume Idea: Skeleton

The Spooky Skeleton, one of the most popular of Halloween costumes to date. Come on, what is scarier than a walking talking bag of bones? Ok, it’s true, these days, it is perhaps more comical than creepy. So, if this is the case, these x-ray skeleton leggings will give the ‘funny’ some ‘fashion’. Add a pair of slouchy boots and an oversized tee and you’ll be turning heads. Be sure to listen out for jaws hitting the pavement (it’s a glorious sound).

Topshop £25



3)     Costume Idea: Vampire/Witch

The witch and vampire costumes: they’ve been on the Halloween scene since the very first ‘Trick or Treat’. These are timeless classics which are easy to assemble with maximum impact. So if you think its time to upgrade your costume from creepy to chic, frightening to fashionable then consider this black cut-out midi dress. Throw on either a witch’s hat or a pair of fangs and accessorise with a broomstick or fake blood accordingly. This LBD will carry through all the way to Christmas parties and far beyond; who doesn’t love versatility?

River Island £28



4)     Costume Idea: Catwoman/Black Widow/General ass-kicking heroine

Inspired by Anne Hathaway and Scarlett Johansson stealing the show from Batman and each of the Avengers, the deadly female assassin look is totally en vogue. But rather than going out and buying a full leather ensemble (guns and all) these panelled leggings may be the answer. Not only will you be looking like a total badass on Halloween, but for the 364 days until the next one. Iron Man better watch his back…

Urban Outfitters £40

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