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ASDA Supermarket Trials an “Inclusive Hour” in Manchester

ASDA Supermarket Trials an “Inclusive Hour” in Manchester

The supermarket chain has announced a new trial that gives people with hidden disabilities the opportunity to feel safe whilst doing their food shop.

Waking up to ourselves

Corporations entrench societal privilege by making it okay to discriminate against people, they make it normal. When corporate giants such as Tesco and Asda put ‘mental health patient’ Halloween costumes on sale, what they’re really saying is that it’s okay to laugh at this particular issue. Whilst this is in the past and they retracted […]

Champagne: Go out with a bang

Victor Croci, soon to depart Manchester for good, has left us with a guide to show us how to celebrate the coming end-of-year revelry in style. All you need is a flute, a magnum, and post-exam euphoria.

‘Mental patient’ stigmas and Psycho-ward killers

With major brands Tesco, Asda and The Sun mired in controversy over their treatment of mental health issues, Lauren Wills asks why mental health patients are still treated as an anomally in society today

Come Have Dinner With Me – Will

William Chambers hosts our first night of erroneous olives and inventive duvet covers