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University of Manchester Music Society Band Night

Jabez Clegg
26th September 2012


Last Wednesday saw the first Music Society Band Night take place, an event whose line-up was made up solely of Music Society members and their bands. Giving the evening a relaxed start was Chloë Foy. Chloë’s storytelling and the musical interactions between her and her two accompanying players, including some mesmerising three part vocal harmonies, kept the audience enthralled throughout her set. Her upcoming single I Gotta Feeling, her set closer enjoyed an especially warm reception from the crowd.

The next act to perform was Jonny Breakwell and his band. Jonny’s singer-songwriter style was personalised with the addition of cello and violin. Shortly before his single Emily was performed, a broken string on Jonny’s guitar became the precursor to a fantastically received impromptu Irish jig jam, led by violinist Ellie Gaynard and other band members joining in to a rapturous reception.

Next, giving their debut performance, was Logan’s Runners. Their set was solid and confident, with their mix of piano-led, calm songs being starkly juxtaposed with heavier, guitar based rock. The keyboard solos were well utilised, and the presence of strings meant that Logan’s Runners are more than just a five-piece rock band.

The penultimate act to perform was Lesbian Plebian. The band entered with a two minute, choreographed dance routine, and the four members wore all manner of costumes, from suit and driving goggles to duffel coat and boxers. The music itself, an overblown Rage Against the Machine parody, paled in comparison to the visual entertainment that the band provided.

The headline act of the evening, Funkin’ Massive Party Band, managed to get everybody in the room dancing. Playing a set filled with covers and mash-ups, the highlight being Superstitious/Thriller/Ghostbusters, and with many spectacular saxophone solos throughout, the band brought the live music to a spectacular close.

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