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Review: Bunzilla Burger

With a promise of Japanese flavours, Byron Burgers’ new creation challenges the traditional Western burger recipe

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Being an admirer of all kinds of Japanese food, I was very excited to try a burger inspired by Japanese cuisine. The head chef of Byron Burger designed a new burger after a research trip to Tokyo, advertised with the catchy slogan “Unleash the Beast from the East”. Before being able to unleash the beast and challenge my taste buds, a decision about the starter and drinks had to be made. Since films are another passion of mine next to Japanese food, my eyes fell on a caramel and salted popcorn milkshake. To make the menu even more diverse, we ordered Nachos as a starter.

While waiting for our chosen delicacies, we had a chance to admire our surroundings: To our delight, the location and set up of the burger chain created was well chosen. The Corn Exchange offers a relaxing atmosphere in a building full of history which is now packed with food chains and restaurants that all have a quirky interior. Byron Burger stood out with an open kitchen, promising freshly prepared food and a menu with a decent selection of staple and exotic side dishes and burgers. The service was forthcoming and quick to recommend and serve our food.

The milkshake did not disappoint with its creamy texture and a taste that can only be described as ‘cinema in the mouth’. The nachos were thicker than the usual cheaper variety and they were topped with a freshly prepared guacamole, jalapeños, and cream cheese. While the quality of all ingredients was superb and fresh, the small amount of molten cheese, which was hidden in the core of the nacho hill, made the starter dryer than it should have been.

Photo: Nicole Tamer

Photo: Nicole Tamer

After enjoying our drinks and the starter, it was time for the star of the evening. The Bunzilla burger was sat proudly in the middle of the plate, accompanied by some lonesome slices of Japanese pickles around the edges. A shining brioche bun encased what to the eye would seem like any normal burger—a beef patty, a streak of bacon or two and an onion ring. With the only exception being that holding up those ingredients was a layer of chopped cabbage, and topping it was a wasabi mayonnaise.

However, both the cabbage and bacon were cooked in miso sauce, and the wasabi topping gave the whole package a nice kick. Ultimately, although its authenticity as a burger worthy of Japanese cuisine could be challenged, the Bunzilla burger was a burger of delight; with strong flavourings of the sweet and sour kind, following through with a mighty meaty munch from the traditional burger set up. Overall, a burger to savour for sure!

We finished our evening with a chocolate brownie dessert since the Oreo cheesecake was not available that day due to its popularity. Nevertheless, the soft texture of the warm brownie contrasted the cool vanilla ice cream on top perfectly and served as a sweet ending to a great evening with delicious foods.