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Exec Election Results 2017

Join us as we bring you updates from the Exec Elections results party


Charlie Spargo 9th March 201710:09 PM

Deej Lashley-Johnson, elected Campaigns Officer: “We’re going to start engaging properly with a lot of the campaigners, and also figuring out… we’ve got the largest Students’ Union in the country, everybody is highly intelligent, highly motivated, so it’s about figuring out how I can represent them best, and how to make sure these great minds don’t get wasted.”

Hana Jafar 9th March 201710:04 PM

Emma Atkins, re-elected Education Officer: “yeah [I’m] really happy, really proud of all the candidates.”

What will be the first thing you’ll do when you get back to the office?

“I have no idea- catch up on my e-mails”

Charlie Spargo 9th March 201710:03 PM

Riddi Visu, elected Diversity Officer: What’s the first thing you’re going to do? “Well I’m going to announce and thank everybody, that’s the first thing I want to do now. When I’m in my position I think, reinstigate a lot of what Ilyas has done, especially a promise to work on FoodOnCampus and international student visa.”

How will you get more students engaged with the Union? “Well one of my friends reports having accessible hours, so I’m going to have 2 hours a week so students can come and discuss their issues with me. That is something I’m looking forward to.”
Hana Jafar 9th March 201710:02 PM

Kitty Bartlett, newly elected Activities and Development Officer: What’s the first thing you’ll do?

“Obviously, Pangaea’s coming up, so we might make that as good as it can be what with the way the Union’s developing and reduced spaces”

How are you going to get more people engaged in the SU?

“Maybe through the website, maybe- I think a lot of people said the Union website’s quite hard to use, it’s not overly clear so I would use instagram and snapchat so it’s super quick and super easy”

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:59 PM

Alex Tayler, elected General Secretary: “Rather than students engaging with the SU I want to engage with the students. It’s about getting into halls, into places where students live, cafes, shops, trying to get them in, telling them about what we’re doing, ask about their views. And also, try and follow policies that are going to benefit students, really on stuff for students, that’s what we’re here to do, and that’s what I want to do.”

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:53 PM

So, in case you joined us late, the 2017/18 Exec Team is as follows:

Campaigns & Citizenship Officer – Daniel ‘Deej’ Lashley-Johnson
Education Officer – Emma Atkins
Community Officer – Jack Houghton
Wellbeing Officer – Saqib Mahmood
Women’s Officer – Sara Heddi
Diversity Officer – Riddi Visu
Activities & Development Officer – Kitty Bartlett
General Secretary – Alex Tayler
Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:49 PM

Naa now invites the full NEW Exec Team up onto the stage.

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:49 PM

The full exec team is now invited on to the stage for a group picture

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:49 PM

Alex “really didn’t expect this. I’ll try and take everyone’s ideas on board. Thank you so much”

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:48 PM

In the final round, Alex is nominated General Secretary with 1,478 votes!

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:47 PM

In round 3, Alex has 1,294, Marah 1,160, and Socha 726.

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:47 PM

In the second round, Alex receives 1,154 votes in the lead followed by Marah and Sorcha

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:47 PM

In round 2, Alex reaches 1,154 and Marah gets to 1,015.

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:47 PM

In the first round, Alex leads with 1,125 votes, followed by Marah and Sorcha

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:47 PM

Even Naa is nervous! The quota was 1,795. Alex received 1,125 votes in the first round

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:46 PM

The Gen Sec “Is the lead representative of the Students’ Union and has the responsibility of directing the Unions’ activities”

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:46 PM

In this round, 3,591 voters turned out.

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:46 PM

The final round is General Secretary. The big one.

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:45 PM

Kitty: “Thank you to everyone who’s voted, I’m really looking forward to working at the Union next year!”

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:45 PM

In the final round, Kitty wins with 1,657 votes and is elected Activities Officer!

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:44 PM

In the second round, Kitty has 1,310 votes. In the third round, Kitty gets to 1,402.

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:44 PM

Kitty is in the lead with 1,290 votes in round 1

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:44 PM

In the first round, Kitty leads with 1,290 votes, with Mei and Kirstie a little behind.

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:44 PM

This officer “Will lead development and extracurricular activities”

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:43 PM

The next is Activities and Development Officer. In this round 3,834 voters turned out.

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:43 PM

Riddi thanks the current Exec Team for their encouragement and says a very special Facebook post is coming to thank everyone.

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:43 PM

Riddi: “A very very big thank you to all the people who supported me. To everyone in the Exec team, thank you for encouraging me. Thank you so much!”

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:42 PM

Riddi wins the role with 1,371 votes!

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:42 PM

We jump to round 6, with Caesar, Geoff and Riddi remaining. Riddi still leads with 1,231.

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:41 PM

Riddi leads the first round with 1,105.

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:41 PM

Deej after his victory: “I’m really starting to engage properly with a lot of the campaigners.. we’ve got the largest Students’ Union in the country, everyone’s intelligent, everybody’s highly motivated. Now it’s about making sure these great minds and great ideas are represented”

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:40 PM

The next position is Diversity Officer. 3,529 voters turned out in this round.

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:40 PM

Sara: “Thank you so much, I didn’t expect this at all. I had the best experience doing this- shout out to my best friend Marah Subahi, she’s been with me through all this and she’s my heart”

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:39 PM

In the first round, Sara takes a lead with 1,116 votes. In the third round Gamu is eliminated. In the third round Eilidh is eliminated, and Sara wins with 1,362 votes!

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:37 PM

The next round is Women’s Officer. In this round, 3,108 voted.

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:37 PM

Saqib thanks his mother “for making me Asian”. He thanks everyone for their support. “It really does mean a lot, thank you.”

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:37 PM

He walks up to the stage to chants of “Sa-qib! Sa-qib!”

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:36 PM

In round 4, Saqib got 1,320 vs Zara’s 996 so Saqib is elected Wellbeing Officer!

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:36 PM

In the first round, Saqib got 1,094. In round 2 two candidates were eliminated, one more in round 3.

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:35 PM

Wellbeing Officer goes first: with a total of 3,011 votes

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:35 PM

First, Wellbeing Officer.

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:34 PM

Quite why we did a 3 – 5 split of announcements, I don’t know.

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:34 PM

All the remaining results will be out now!

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:34 PM

The short break is over, and we’re ready to start again.

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:30 PM

Saffa Mir, former Community Officer: “It’s been an amazing year, I can’t believe it’s already been eight years. I want to wish the best of luck to my successor, he did an incredible job getting elected, but not until July!”

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:26 PM

Jack Houghton, elected Community Officer: “I’m obviously very, very happy, very surprised, I just again want to reiterate, thank you to anyone who voted for me, and that again I won’t let them down.”

What’s the first thing you will do? “So basically one of my main policies was for a homeless dedicated day during Freshers’ Fair, that’ll be one of the first things I do.”
Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:21 PM

Jack: “I didn’t expect to win- it was so, so close. Thank you to all the voters, I promise not to let you down”

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:21 PM

That may well be one of the closest rounds of voting any of us have seen at the Exec Elections.

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:20 PM

In the second round, Enas is eliminated. In round 3, Jack wins by 1,261 votes to Madeleine’s 1,253!

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:20 PM

In the first round, Enas, Madeleine and Jack both received around 1,000 votes.

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:19 PM

The next round will be Community Officer, before we apparently take a break. The total voters for this round was 3,242 for 4 candidates.

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:19 PM

Emma Atkins makes her way to the stage to receive her bouquet. “Thanks to everyone who supported and voted for me. When I told I was made education officer last year it was probably one of the best days of my life.”

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:18 PM

In the first round Emma Atkins received over 1,300 votes and is RE-ELECTED Education Officer!

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:17 PM

The next round will be for Education Officer. Voters totalled 2,751

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:17 PM

There’s a roar of applause for Deej as he embraces fellow BME officer Sara and Molly is seen in tears

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:16 PM

Deej makes his way to the stage, giving his his competitor Molly a bear hug on his way up.

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:16 PM

There were 2 candidates. In round one, Deej got 1,862 and so is elected Campaigns & Citizenship officer!

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:15 PM

“This role focuses on getting more students campaigning and [involved in] leadership work”

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:15 PM

3,228 voters cast a ballot in the Campaigns section.

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:14 PM

The first position to be announced will be Campaigns & Citizenship Officer.

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:14 PM

The award for best campaigner- on the shortlist are Lee Johnson and Angus Bob Miller. Angus wins the award!

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:13 PM

Dee Dixon, Wellbeing candidate: “It was incredibly busy over the last week. I decided to run because I’ve had a lot of experience.

“I think, whilst generally the campaign was fantastic, I still think student politics itself can eat itself sometimes. We’ve all related really positive campaigns, but there was one moment which was extremely not positive. One of my people who was running with me, and he’s absolutely fantastic and brilliant, he was accused of transphobia, and he wasn’t actually transphobic at all. And apparently it was against me, but I wasn’t really spoken to or engaged with before the accusation went ahead. So, I feel like there can be a bit of politicking about for something which can be easily sorted out just by talking.”
Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:12 PM

For most creative Campaign, Mei and Sol are both shortlisted. Sol is announced the winner!

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:11 PM

For the best video, shortlisted are Ben, Marah and Dom. Marah wins!

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:11 PM

For the award for best campaigner- Caesar and Mei are on the shortlist, and Alex wins the award!

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:10 PM

The fun awards are up! On the shortlist are Molly, Kitty and Deej. Deej wins!

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:08 PM

Naa admits there were technical difficulties this year, which is why turnout has dropped to over 6,000.

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:08 PM

Naa: “This year the election saw 48 candidates competing for 8 roles. There were over 6,000 votes. There were technical difficulties, but that’s okay.”

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:07 PM

Naa: “The exec team- we’ve bonded in ways I couldn’t have imagined. They are my best friends. We have three more months left- I’m sorry I’m crying!

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20179:07 PM

Kitty Bartlett, Activities candidate: “I think [the campaign] was good, I think I did as much as I could, so that’s all you can really expect for, so it was much funner than I thought it was going to be.”

Why did you decide to run? “I’ve thought about running for the past 2 years, I was good friends with Joel [Smith], who did it for 2 years before Tamara, I’ve done Pangaea since the very beginning of being at uni, I’ve just had such a great time and I want other people to have such a good time as well.
“I’m obviously nervous, I don’t mind whoever wins, they really deserve it. So, we all worked so hard.”
Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:06 PM

Naa: “Huge congratulations to the candidates who have worked so hard. Those of you who have run know how hard it is to speak to random students and get them to believe in you. I just want to give all of the candidates a round of applause.”

“It’s been an absolute joy working in this Union. I’ve learnt never to name anyone in these thank yous because you always forget someone- Firstly to the incredible hardworking staff. Those of you that are elected will have these people as your cheer team. They work so hard to support students across the University”

Hana Jafar 9th March 20179:04 PM

Emma Atkins: How do you think your campaign went?

“It was alright, I had a lot of support and campaigned with friends. I think it makes a big difference, going around with your friends makes you a lot more positive.”

Do you think anything has changed?

“I think I got a lot more confident doing lecture shout outs and I did most of what I did last year, with some extra stuff too.”

Why did you run again?

“I didn’t feel like I was finished. There were a lot of campaigns that I want to be able to continue next year, because I feel like I’ve got a lot of experience and I’m the best person to do that!”

Hana Jafar 9th March 20178:59 PM

Molly Stedman: What did you find challenging about the campaign?

“A lot of students, unfortunately aren’t that engaged in the SU. So people can be quite mean, they will often say ‘yeah, yeah, we voted’ and that’s it”

Are you excited?

“Very excited!”

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20178:59 PM

Nah Acquah, current General Secretary: Are you sad your 2 years are over? “It’s really bittersweet, because I think there are some great people in the elections, but yeah I’m sad, but you know, time to move on with my life. I think [all candidates] have all absolutely, really gone out there, pushed it and worked really hard.”

Do you have any favourites? “I’m not saying anything, no, I’m doing the announcement! No, I think there are some excellent people, and I have a few favourites in each one, but all in all they’re all really high calibre candidates so I think it’s going to be really close, I don’t think you’ll see many outright winners, I think it’ll be really close.”
Hana Jafar 9th March 20178:57 PM

Molly Stedman: How do you think the campaign went?

“I think it went well, I spoke to quite a lot of people which I think is a really important thing. I don’t think I was consistent with social media posts. If I did it again, I would be more hot on social media, but I hope that it will be ok.

Why did you run?

“It’s basically what I want to do, campaigning is basically my life and I want to be paid to do it.”

What degree do you do?

“I study drama and doing it at degree level I realise that it’s not my passion and campaigning is my passion and my life. I want to do it for a year, and just that for a year.

“I’m so excited for the results. It’s me or Deej, and Deej is great, so either way it’s going to be great.”

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20178:52 PM

Saqib Mahmood: Did you find anything about the campaign challenging? “I learnt politics is dirty. And people can talk without knowing the full story.” [I learnt that] “through an apparent comment I made on someone without knowing their gender. I made a comment on someone’s gender while talking highly of them, and this is a person I’m running against, she is an amazing person, she is everything I want to be in a Wellbeing Officer, and I really hope that person gets my number 2 vote.

“I made a comment about their gender which I wasn’t really aware about. We spoke about it and it just got out of context, and I think it tarnished my campaign a little bit, but I think maybe I could work on that… learn from my mistakes.”
Hana Jafar 9th March 20178:50 PM

“Studying a STEM subject and always being surrounded by men, it gave me insights into stereotypes and what’s really happening- so I ran because I want to play my part in fighting that for other women, because other women fought for me, so I feel like I should return the favour. I’m doing aerospace engineering.”

“I’m a bunch of nerves, it’s been stiff competition and everyone I’ve been running against is amazing.” – Gamu Hogwe

Hana Jafar 9th March 20178:47 PM

“I think it went great- I did have a few hiccups, it came at a time when I had a lot of deadlines, but I had a lot of support from my friends and people at the SU so I think it went well” – Gamu Hogwe, Womens’ Officer Candidate

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20178:47 PM

Saqib Mahmood: “It was a very strong campaign, however I think everyone else who was running for Wellbeing Officer [was] campaigning equally as hard.”

Why did you decide to run? “Last summer I founded the Open Mind Network, which is a mental health-based society. It helps educators support students with mental health difficulties. So I wanted to make a difference on a larger scale.”
Charlie Spargo 9th March 20178:43 PM

Former Democracy Co-ordinator Fran is announcing that candidates are allowed to find out results from right now!

Hana Jafar 9th March 20178:42 PM

3 minutes until the candidates find out – they look tense and excited!

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20178:42 PM

A lot of the candidates have already arrived and are waiting patiently for proceedings to begin. If they choose to, candidates are allowed to find out whether they have been successful or otherwise in private a short time before results.

Charlie Spargo 9th March 20178:30 PM

Good evening! Welcome to our rolling coverage of the 2017 Exec Team Elections Results! Voting closed one hour late so we’re assuming announcements will be similarly delayed, but as soon as we hear who’s been victorious we’ll relay it all to you.