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Live review: Marilyn Manson

The godfather of goth puts on an extremely underwhelming and borderline insulting show at O2 Apollo


Marilyn Manson’s show on Monday the 4th of December was disappointing on so many levels. I really like Manson, his persona, and music. It’s over the top, edgy, and fantastically entertaining, and so my expectations were relatively high. To the dismay of the crowd and myself, the sorry excuse for the show he put on at O2 Apollo was unacceptably bad and definitely didn’t justify the £35 price.

Firstly, let me highlight what was good about the show — slim pickings, to say the least. Back in September of this year, Manson injured himself during a show in New York when a prop he was climbing fell on top of him, crushing his ribs, skull and legs. Despite his injuries, he tried to rock the stage with a leg brace that made him look like a wobbly pirate, unintentionally, of course. We could argue that he’s dedicated to his fans and that he truly cared for them but his actions said otherwise.

The list of what went wrong definitely outweighs this stand-alone positive. ‘Amazonica’ opened, or at least tried to open, the show with her metal DJ set. A ‘metal DJ’ is a concept that is already pathetic in itself but Amazonica’s ‘performance’, if you can even call it that, was beyond terrible. She had zero crowd interaction and was just playing a metal playlist in a failed attempt to warm up the crowd.

Said spectators were underwhelmed and then further insulted by Manson’s tardiness. He was supposed to come on at 9pm sharp yet he didn’t show up until half an hour later, making for an hour-long wait between acts. Arriving late to your own show and not apologising is just insulting. As an artist you owe everything to your fans, the least you can do is show up on time.

Manson’s attempt to rock the stage while handicapped was, to put it kindly and simply, bad. I am actually at a loss for words on how disappointed I was. The audio mix was dreadful, it was like listening to mud, if mud was audible. There were some moments where you could just start to hear Manson and his voice is actually fantastic, shame it was drowned out for the vast majority of the evening.

He also kept signalling to his band to stop playing before songs were finished for some unexplainable reason. Our patience was further tested by the long pauses between songs which Marilyn took to have helpers come on stage and change his outfit. It’s part of his absurd persona but on that occasion it was disruptive. I’m sure the audience wouldn’t mind him wearing a single outfit throughout if it meant for a cohesive set.

The crowd were unresponsive to the rocker’s attempts at interaction, so much so that I physically cringed when both of his encores were received in total silence.

Honestly, this has to be the worst gig I’ve been to. Amazonica was hilariously atrocious and Manson just failed to put on a decent show. It may seem harsh to be so critical of a man who is injured and was probably on a lot of painkillers but, if I were in his place, I’d cancel the tour. A canceled show is better than a terrible show.

In Manson’s defence, this was definitely him at his absolute worst. I’d be willing to give him a chance and see him again when he’s fit to perform. But, for now, I cannot say this sorry excuse for a gig was good in any shape or form. Sorry Marilyn.

Rating: 2/10

  • aka Marilyn

    This nasty review sounds like posted by someone who cannot handle rock, or rock leading artist, someone who was expecting a circus performance from the couch of his home with ice-cream during costume changes. The shortsightedness of this review is so dismaying that it’s a pity to comment, like it was written by a sheep staring at new gates who doesn’t go through. By the way, this appears to be fast and speedy tour, in sinc with many occurings in real life, and possibly, MM is one of the fastest rocker to catch up with the speed of life.

  • aka Marilyn

    P.S. MM is Halloween-year- round artist, and author of the article is awkwardly funny describing his emotional state. Yes, there were beautiful slim pickings, or that MM could possibly cancel the tour, but let this author cheapen his own article for 35 euros he spent.

  • Michelle Schweiss

    Read the news before you write a review. In the last few years, Manson’s mom passed away, an old band mate passed away. His dad passed away. It looked like he loved his dad more than anyone else in the world. He had to fire another old band mate over rape accusations. He had a giant heavy metal stage prop fall on him and break multiple bones. He has been accused of insensitivity over the shootings in the news, and people thought he was dead, and publicly mourned his death online when Charles Manson died. I have seen him in an interview fighting back tears behind his mirrored glasses. It looks like he is trying to grow up and be a man in a world that will only accept him as an overgrown teenager. He is a talented artist and charms the socks off of interviewers. I think the changes he has gone through are kind of amazing. I think it is miraculous that he is still out there rocking on. Never cared that much about him when he looked like a spoiled punk. Now, I think he’s amazing, and look for articles about him all the time. This article was the pits.

  • aka Marilyn

    About research: interesting that performance was at O2 Apollo, and song “Say10” was referenced by some to religious cult FOF, which is centered in California and its “home” called Apollo. Members and ex-members of the cult have heated discussions wether the leader is God or Satan, hell or heaven. But the author of this article appears ignorant of intricacies or subtexts of the show, though doesn’t seem to mind to slam MM’s art. I’m sure FOF leader, who is not God in my opinion, would call this show terrible. Maybe its the writer affected the crowd to feel bad? Sorry he attended the concert.

  • Terry Davison

    lol can i just say that as a die hard manson fan, if this guys actually been to the concert, then he has a right to review it, he dosent have to take into account mansons personal life, hes simply stating an opinion, stop being blind suck ups

    • aka Marilyn

      So, can I not write my opinion? I don’t feel I’m being blind suck up, nor need to be one to write what I feel – that’s your subjective opinion;
      I didn’t write he didn’t have a “right to review”.

    • aka Marilyn

      Oh wait, maybe this time I didn’t understand you: r u writing “those who appreciate MM’s (current tour) step aside so that those of opposite opinion can pour trash on him”? Forgot to mention in previous post that FOF most sacred number is 10 – knowing background helps some

  • Michelle Schweiss

    No! Blind suck up all the way! Hah! Take that!

    • aka Marilyn

      Read new holiday joke: “toilet bowl also have a holiday season: instead of naked butts they are going to see new faces”

      • Michelle Schweiss

        LOL. That sounds like a joke from a wacky fortune cookie.

  • Michelle Schweiss

    Watching some of his concerts that happened in the UK a few days ago that fans recorded live and put on Youtube. They actually rock. Bae is looking much better than he has been in a while and the audience looks damn psyched to be there. Also, the idea of a wacky Californian cult of “Say-Tenists” is almost as amusing to me as Vonnegut’s Bokononism.