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Fiona Batchelor

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Graphene takes flight

The thinnest material ever created could revolutionise the way we build aircraft, say University of Manchester researchers

Photo: The University of Manchester

Machine learning improves simulated chimpanzee movement

University of Manchester researchers use CT scan of a chimpanzee to improve a computer system model of the primates’ walk

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Science news around the world this week

Fiona Batchelor reports on key science stories from around the globe

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Manchester’s women in STEM: past and present

For International Women’s Day, we profile inspirational Manchester female scientists, from past and present

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£4.7m collaborative Zika vaccine project launches

The University of Manchester launches a collaborative project to find viable vaccines against Zika virus to protect pregnant mothers and their unborn children

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Copper-coated uniforms could be the new armour against hospital infections

University of Manchester materials scientists have found a way to durably combine antibacterial copper nanoparticles with wearable fabrics, which has the potential to limit the spread of infection in hospitals

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Bitcoin: Flop or future?

Fiona Batchelor explains what Bitcoin really is and considers whether its bubble might be about to burst