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Student Direct: Mancunion runner up at Guardian Student Media awards

Student Direct: Mancunion, as The Mancunion was known last year, was awarded runner-up in the Guardian Student Media Awards. The River, a Kingston University publication, took first place.

Jennie Agg, the editor for 2009/10, said: “I am so happy. Being named runner up in the best publication category is such an achievement. It’s the pat on the back that every single person who contributed to last year’s paper thoroughly deserves. As Editor, I was very proud of the paper we put out each week, and it’s an amazing feeling to know that people like Jon Snow and Alan Rushbridger saw something in it too.”

Girish Gupta, last year’s news editor for Student Direct: Mancunion in 2009/10, came runner-up in the Reporter of the Year category. Gupta is currently working as a freelance journalist in Mexico, and writes for various papers including The Times.

“I had such an amazing time with the student paper last year and am already missing it. Receiving these awards is a testament to the quality of the team we had and I hope we all remember the fun we had producing the paper, and the skills that gave us, which is worth more than any award,” said Gupta.

James Harker, writer and editor of Manchester Metropolitan University’s (MMU) Pulp magazine, won the award for Writer of the Year.

As reported by SD: Mancunion last year, Pulp was forced to disband following a financial decision by the MMU Students’ Union marketing department.

“This just shows how stupid the MMU marketing department are,” said Harker.

Alan Rusbridger, editor of the Guardian and editor-in-chief of Guardian News & Media and judge for the awards, said: “The students entering this year’s Guardian Student Media awards produced work of a high quality in one of the most challenging journalistic environments.”

“This year’s winners have all shown that they understand the value of journalism and have produced work that shows the best of journalistic qualities – passion, knowing how to achieve impact, being well researched, having the right amount of humour and a connection with their communities,” added Rusbridger.

The panel of judges also included Jon Snow and NME editor Krissi Murison.

Reporter of the year was awarded to Camilla Turner of Cherwell, an Oxford University publication. Photographer of the year was awarded to Susan Swindells of Newcastle College. Will Benton of Kings College London received Digital journalist of the year. Finally, Broadcast journalist of the year was given to Rob Setchell of Forge Radio at the University of Sheffield.

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