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14th September 2011

Blind Date

It’s back.

With a huge increase in under 25’s joining online dating sites and more sites than ever to choose from (…, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, it looks like it might time to get back to the basics first brought to us by our Cilla.

Forget online profiles, computerised compatibilities or um-ing and ah-ing about what photo to display to the online dating world. Get back out there and embrace in some human interaction and conversation. Save yourself from having to condense your life history, hopes and dreams into 300 words. Rise from your wheelie computer chair and embrace the great outdoors.

Sound scary? Never fear there is no need to go it alone. The Lifestyle editorial team is here to assist you and your dating needs, with the return of The Mancunion’s most popular feature, Blind Date!

So are you looking for a like minded individual to roam Platt Fields hand-in-hand with? Seeking a pint drinking partner or someone to romantically sweep you off to Orange Wednesdays? Or are you just after a free meal?

Sign up by e mailing your full name, year of study, course and phone number to [email protected] with ‘blind date’ as the subject header. Then just sit back and wait for happily ever after to become a reality…

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