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22nd September 2011

Fuse FM is YOUR Student Radio Station

For the very first time we are broadcasting all year round, that means instead of just four weeks broadcasting each semester we’re going to be on air for the whole semester. Yes, that’s right – the whole semester. Exciting stuff, ‘ey? 

Fuse FM celebrated its tenth birthday earlier this year and it’s certainly come a long way over the past decade. But this year will see even more new developments including a studio move in January.


As Head of Communications at Fuse FM, each week I’m going to be bringing you all the latest updates, tips, advice & radio know-how from industry experts, info on how to get involved and all the gossip from the studio!


I caught up with Fuse FM’s very own Station Manager, Dan Alani to find out more.


Hattie: “Hi Dan, let me start by saying congratulations on your new role, how are you feeling about the upcoming year?”

Dan: “I’m really excited. I think all the hard work we did last year has given us a good platform to build on. I’m looking forward to all the big things happening over the course of the next year and getting new people on board.”

H: “We’re going to be meeting committee members in the weeks to come to find out what they get up to, but for those that don’t know anything about Fuse how would you describe what we do?”

D: “Fuse FM is a great way for students to share their passion for music, news, literally everything and anything radio!”

H: “Fuse FM is more than just a radio station, what else do the team get up to?”

D: “We run a monthly club-night called ‘Fuse Presents’ which showcases our DJs and gives opportunities to up and coming acts. This year we’ll also be expanding our video and online output ranging from live sessions with bands, community projects, continuing our Pangaea coverage as well as putting on workshops with media experts.”

H: “What are Fuse FM up to during Welcome Week?”

D: “We’ll be broadcasting live from ‘The Battle of the Brands” on Sunday 18th and ‘Touchdown’ on Saturday 24th. We’ll have our own stall too as at the Student Fair throughout the week, so don’t forget to come and say hi.”

H: “When do we start broadcasting?”

D: “It all kicks off on Sunday 18th where we’ll be building up to the night’s events right through until the end of Welcome Week. Then we’ll be off air for two weeks before launching back into action at the start of October!”

H: “What would you say to people who aren’t sure whether Fuse FM is for them or not, *whispers* this is your chance for a shameful plug?”

D: “There’s literally something for everyone, it’s a great way to meet new people and most of all it’s a right laugh!”

H: “This is all well and good, but how can people tune in?”

D: “Log onto our website where you can listen live. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page and Twitter for all the latest too.”


Fuse FM Listings:

Live broadcasting from Sunday 18th: Battle of the Brands. Tune in from 6pm when we’ll be coming live from the Student’s Union.

Tuesday 20th-Thursday 23rd: Broadcasting from the Student’s Union and reporting live from the Student Fair.

Saturday 24th: Touchdown with Zane Lowe.


How to hear more:

Like our Facebook page

Follow us on Twitter @FuseFM

Tune in via our website

hattie pearson

hattie pearson

Former Head of Communications at FUSEFM.

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