2nd October 2011

This is Your Manchester

Your personally-tailored introduction to the arts page this year

Art wants YOU. Whether long-time inhabitant or newly enfranchised freshman to the walkways of Manchester, our introductory guide to Arts and Culture is specifically tailored to you. Your amusement. Your convenience. Your information. Your inspiration. Your diary. Because as we may or may not have demonstrated, there is something for everyone within the four walls of this city: our home. A town whose vast and varied cultural fare webs out from the same central point: that of our curious city itself. Everyone, from Manchester Art Gallery, with their Ford Madox Brown Manchester years special, to CUBE’s spatial integration, and Islington Mill’s milling-class roots, seems to want a piece of the action. Not content with merely being based in Manchester, the galleries seem to want to display artists who want to engage with urban living; what it means to live in Manchester, what it means to visit Manchester, and how interpretations have ranged and changed. And guess what? As residents of this fair city, which, you may not have noticed, has quite a few students, we make a sizeable mouthful of Mancunians. Honorary Mancunians, at least. And as Mancunians, we at The Mancunion want your input. So input your thoughts: comment on our website, write to us, write for us, draw us something, take a photo, tell us what inspires you, makes you angry, or patriotic, or happy. And if you don’t like us (on facebook), at least like your city. Because its right here, under your feet.
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More Coverage

Jill Furmanovsky is ‘Photographing the Invisible’ in her history making exhibition

The Mancunion takes a trip through rock history at Jill Furmanovsky’s ’50 years of Rock Photography’ exhibition at Manchester Central Library

With ‘The Ambassadors’, Hew Locke seeks to deliver an important message

The Mancunion visits Hew Locke’s stunning new exhibition, ‘The Ambassadors’, at The Lowry

Traces of Displacement: The Whitworth confronts history in their latest exhibition

The Mancunion visits the thought-provoking exhibition at The Whitworth, exploring gender in war, race and belonging.

On The Rag: “Everyone’s got a key to this place!”

The Mancunion spoke to On The Rag’s Amy Platt and Christina Purvis about the art gallery they are working on, and what the gallery means to the community.

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