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11th October 2011

Black history month is still not history

Black and Ethnic Week at the University

With Black History Month approaching, black historians  are yet again spending this time of the month cringing with embarrassment or despair at what they are seeing: images of Beyonce and Denzel Washington crowding the mainstream as representatives of this significant month.

The problem is the mass misunderstand of the meaning behind Black History Month. It’s important to understand its origins and its relation and significance in light of us as students.

Students are well known for their enthusiasm and activeness in, well, anything! And why should this month be any different? Involvement may not seem crucial; but awareness is binding.

The city of Manchester boasts year on year activities and events that promote and celebrate this month; and this year is no different.

The activities are an opportunity for the public as well as students in Manchester to engage and celebrate with other cultures within our diverse population at not only at the University of Manchester, but the city as a whole. It will give students the opportunity to expand their knowledge base of other cultures through the arts, culture and music events we will be running.

Coherently with Black History Month, The University of Manchester have an array of talks and activities organised; from a lecture presented by Marika Sherwood about Malcolm X and his visit to Manchester, to how Salsa dancing has its roots embedded in Africa.

The key theme of all events running throughout the city is about encouraging self expression and celebrating individuality in a creative way. Regardless of race, everyone can participate.

Black History Month offers the chance for the uniting of different cultures as well as knowledge of a new one.  It encourages awareness and facilitates conversation among the student body. The month should be taken as an encouragement to learn about (or promote yourself) those around you through different mediums such as lectures, debates and other forms of entertainment.

Check out this link for all events. 

naila missous

naila missous

Former lifestyle editor (2011-2012).

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