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13th October 2011


FUSE FM is YOUR student radio station. We are now broadcasting LIVE from the Students’ Union. You can tune in online  at   Don’t forget our club night FUSE PRESENTS every second Monday at Revolutions in Fallowfield. @FuseFM   BROADCAST 23 HAS BEGUN. The “on-air” switch was hit on Sunday at 8am […]

FUSE FM is YOUR student radio station.

We are now broadcasting LIVE from the Students’ Union. You can tune in online  at


Don’t forget our club night FUSE PRESENTS every second Monday at Revolutions in Fallowfield. @FuseFM


BROADCAST 23 HAS BEGUN. The “on-air” switch was hit on Sunday at 8am which now means we are broadcasting LIVE for the next ten weeks from our studios in the basement of the Students’ Union.


The last week has been full of anticipation, sweat and tears – if you’ve ever been down to the studio and experienced the climate you’d understand why. The week before broadcast starts is always a little bit hectic to say the least. Over the last few days we’ve seen Head of Programming, Dean Webster run wild pretending to be the next Simon Cowell as he “ummed” and “ahhhed” over which applications were going to make it to onto the finalised schedule, presenters in the studio learning the ropes and committee members straightening their metaphorical ties preparing for the epic adventure that is ten weeks of broadcast number 23.


For the time ever we’re broadcasting all year round so if you didn’t manage to bag yourself a show this time we’re having a ‘refresh’ period in five weeks time where everyone will have the chance to reapply for a show.


Presenting isn’t the only way you can get involved. If you’re into all things music whether it’s heavy metal or the top 40 why not join the music team? Head of Music, Sammy Lyons is there to help you organise interviews with your favourite bands, give you advice on what questions to ask as well as get free gig tickets so you can write a smashing review for our website. If you want to find out more send her an email [email protected]


Perhaps you’re a budding journalist and want to put your hand to producing news and reporting live from events as they happen? Well then the news team is for you. Jamie Ross, Head of News, will teach you everything you need to know about editing audio clips and writing and reading a news bulletins. Get in touch with Jamie [email protected]


Maybe you’re more of a promoter and want everyone to know about Fuse FM? Working with Head of Marketing, Clifford Fleming as part of the street team and developing our brand is a great way to get Fuse known. Most importantly it’s fun because you get to do crazy things like stick pegs on people… ok maybe that’s not so crazy but you can come up with even crazier things to do that will get Fuse’s name out there! Like running around the Uni naked with a Fuse FM banner! That would get certainly cause a stir. Any volunteers? I’m joking of course, but you name it and we’re up for it. Apart from nakedness perhaps. Drop Clifford an email [email protected]


Fuse FM would not be possible at all if it wasn’t for our tech team. If you’re good with technical things like computers, servers and other clever stuff and you want to learn how the studio runs as well as help maintain all the equipment then Dean Pythian, Head of Tech is your man [email protected]


The best bit of all which ever aspect of Fuse you want to get involved in, no previous experience is required. So no matter how uncreative you think you are or how much you hate your voice on radio it’s no excuse!


Meet the Committee – Leanne Fata


Course and year: “Law, fourth year.”


Where are you from?: “Worcestershire”


Committee position: “Head of Outside Broadcasts”


What does your role entail?: “I’m responsible for co-ordinating live broadcasts that we do outside the studio. This includes everything from making sure we’ve got presenters on hand to sorting out all the logistics of moving Fuse to another location.”


How can members get involved in your area?: “The outside broadcasts take a lot of organisation and we have a big team working together. If you want to help out just email me [email protected]


I love Fuse FM because….: “It’s given me loads of opportunities to get involved in radio related things, like interviewing some great bands, presenting my own shows, producing content and heading up the business side of the station. Oh, and it introduced me to my best mates in manchester! Oh yeah!”


What’s your favourite cheese?: “This is such a hard question. I love brie, because it’s really creamy, but then equally camembert is quite creamy but a bit pungent so is quite jolly. But then again, I’m partial to a bit of blue, especially over a salad. However, for a lunch time snack, you can’t go wrong with a cheese string. So really, I love all cheese.”


What are you most looking forward to over the year being a part of Fuse?: “Hopefully, after having such a successful outside broadcast with Pangaea last year, we can think about organising a broadcast from a huge event, like a music festival or something MEGA!”


A band we should all be keeping our eyes on: “Dry the River! A few of us saw them recently and they were AMAZING. Definitely going to be something big.”


What do you want to be when you grow up: “A media lawyer.”


If you could be a celebrity for a day who would you be: “Nicki Minaj.”


If you could interview anyone in the world who would it be: “Nicki Minaj.”


Favourite Manchester night out. Where is it and what is it?: “Juicy at Joshua Brooks, because they play Nicki Minaj.”


Your earliest Fuse memory: “My first studio training! It was so daunting, but immediately loved it.”


Have you ever had a show on Fuse FM – how did you feel it went?: “I’ve had four shows on Fuse now. The Chart Show was probably my favourite but it took a lot of work because of all the production that goes into it.”


Favourite place on campus to sleep: “I GO HOME TO SLEEP.”


Fuse in 3 words: “Mental, Exciting, Fun!”


hattie pearson

hattie pearson

Former Head of Communications at FUSEFM.

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