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Live: The Swellers @ Academy 3

The Swellers
Academy 3
4th December
3 and a half stars

With a half empty room of relaxed viewers, this actually worked to the show’s advantage. The inviting intimacy was present from the very start, with one man acoustic persona Into It. Over It., who received full attention and appreciation from everyone present as he talked and sang his way through his catalogue of memories and journeys, successfully carved into beautifully melodic songs. With an impressive set of vocals and an instantly likable character, the audience are likely to welcome him back when he returns next year.

Next is pop punk trio Broadway Calls, who picked up the pace and played a very good set- easy on the ears and also easy to appreciate. Nothing explosive, but sufficient enough to keep people’s eyes to the stage rather than the bar.

The Swellers take over to make their way through a well thought out set of songs that will appeal to fans old and new. With the majority present being relatively new followers, the band are more than gratuitous. They open with new song ‘Runaways’ from latest album Good For Me, before smoothly working their way through favourites ‘Dirt’, breakthrough single ‘Fire Away’, ‘Sleeper’ and ‘2009’,  whilst also slotting in classics from their debut.

With a pleasant and welcoming aura, it is apparent that the crowd and band share the same amount of respect for each other. Although movement seen was limited, the mutual appreciation of everyone in the room made the atmosphere more special than any amount of circle pits or sychronised bouncing could achieve. Genuine band and genuine audience- I’m pretty sure that everyone involved will be more than happy to relive the night again at the next given opportunity. Let’s hope its not too long before they decide to return.

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