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Editor’s Note Issue 14 27/02/12

Hearty congratulations must go to the University this week after they resolved to pay all of their staff in line with their own pay scales. This means that service staff will be paid at least £7.80 an hour. Given the difficult economic climate and financial difficulties hitting the higher education sector it is particularly commendable that the university’s senior management has been able to take this decision. Credit must also go to the group of campaigning students who worked to get a ‘living wage’ implemented.

Continuing on our theme of congratulations, in this issue we report that Manchester has the unique honour of being rated the 35th best city to study in the world. You’ve chosen well.

Turning the pages of this week’s issue you’ll see words like ‘special’ and ‘deluxe’ smattered liberally throughout the paper. As you might have read here last issue we have been gearing up for Student Media Week. Turn to our features section to get a taste of this week’s events and why student media is so important.

We will be running an information and recruitment fair, talks from key people in the media industry. But we have a great deal of social events organized by those working for The Mancunion and Fuse FM. Our Speed Hating event and tea party, both taking place at Platt Chapel will also be raising money for charity so you’ll be having fun AND doing something good. Any way schmaltzy sales pitch over, let’s have a look at what else we have in store for you.

As the referendum on Scottish independence is edging slowly nearer some students have been considering what would happen if the Scots actually went for the nuclear option. Business & Finance have been asking what would become of their (overly?) generous tuition fee arrangements. Turn to page 11 for more on this.

With the news last week that iPhone photography has now become a university course (in Kensington, obviously) our Comment & Debate Editor Ben vents his considerable ire at the very idea of such a course.

This year’s student elections are just about start up again, with nominations for people wanting to stand closing on Thursday, so get involved. Log on to  for more information.

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Nick Renaud-Komiya

Former Editor-in-Chief of The Mancunion (2011-2012). Graduated in July 2011 with a BA in History & Social Sciences.
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