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Editor’s Note Issue 16 12/03/12

Well what do you know? Student elections are upon us once again. You’ll no doubt have seen a variety of colourful DIY posters smattered throughout the campus with plugs for different candidates. If you’ve made the decision to try and avoid looking at the posters by staring at the ground, well, hard luck. There is hardly a pavement left untouched by chalk marks confidently beaming up at you telling you to vote.

Peppered liberally throughout this issue you’ll find all sorts to feed the election frenzy. Turn to page 14 for our special pullout, detailing who all the candidates are and what they have to say for themselves.

We have a whole host of opinions and student views on the polls, which by the time you read this will already be open. This week’s Comment & Debate section sees students giving their view on why you should vote.

But it’s not all election fever, our theatre team give their verdict on another of this year’s MIFTA productions.

Now, time to instil a bit of pride in you all. Our fair university have made it onto the finals of University Challenge, which is being aired next Monday. There’s more on this story on the opposite page. Best of luck to the team and hopefully we’ll all have another trophy to beam at come this time next week.

A couple of weeks ago saw our incredibly successful Mancunion and Student Action for Refugees Tea Party. Food & Drink Editor Emily worked her socks off to create a bewildering array of delicious cakes and shortbreads. To gleam some recipe ideas flick to page 26.

Next week we’ll be following the dramatic highs and lows of the elections results night. To get the inside scoop on the night and interviews with the winners and losers don’t forget to pick up the next issue of The Mancunion.

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Nick Renaud-Komiya

Former Editor-in-Chief of The Mancunion (2011-2012). Graduated in July 2011 with a BA in History & Social Sciences.
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