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Soapbox Issue 01

Each week we’re going to get on our soapbox and shout off about what’s been grating our nerves lately. Everyone likes a good moan or a bitch. Feel like you have something to rant about? Tweet us @mancuniondebate or email [email protected]


Charging over a hundred pounds to reconnect a phone line, when you know someone moved out just the month before. What could possibly have happened that means an engineer has to come out and physically connect you? Did they pull the wires out of the wall in a mad fit of rage? Doubtful.


Freshers week means one thing; Oxford Road is going to be full of people shoving leaflets in my face. I don’t want them, I keep my head down and my hands in my pocket but there’s no chance of running the gauntlet without being forced to take some flyer about some crap party.


“Do you want the 70p?” No, let’s just call it £2 even shall we? Er, no. You might think you’re being helpful, but you sound like an idiot. Work behind a till and you’ll soon grow sick of this phrase. Don’t you say it.


Contrary to popular belief, if you wave or click your fingers at me, I’m not going to serve you any quicker. Start hollering at me, and you’re definitely moving down my mental list. Oh yeah, we do have one. And if you move position, don’t be surprised if you’re forgotten entirely.


Charging a fee for “post and packaging” of an eTicket has to be as big a joke as RyanAir charging you to check in online. You’re charging me to print my own ticket? Wow, how considerate of you! Even worse when they have the monopoly on an event.



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