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18th September 2012

Who, what, when, ware…

A quick selection of the type of tracks you’re likely to hear over the next few months…

I swear to God, somebody should start a petition that demands each DJ to post a tracklist of their set after each WHP.  By the morning, it’s hard enough to remember who you actually saw, let alone what got dropped.  Here’s a quick selection of the type of shit you can expect to hear:

Track:  ‘Let’s Go’

Artist:   FCL

Label:    We Play House

Had to put this one in.  The vocal sample is so simple but it works so well against a thumping 4/4 backdrop.  When the chiming synth stabs start, everything falls together perfectly.  I’d be surprised if you didn’t hear it in the next 12 weeks because it’s in more mixes than eggs and flour.

Track:  ‘Furrball’

Artist:   Zed Bias and Paleman

Label:    Swamp81

This track generated a fair bit of hype online over summer when nobody could guess who it was by.  Now we know it’s the dynamic pairing of UK bass stalwart Zed Bias and Manchester’s own up and coming prodigy, Paleman.  It’s forthcoming on Swamp this year and it’s bound to get a few plays on 23rd November when the label gets a room to itself.

Track:  ‘Gemini’

Artist:   Marek Hemmann

Label:    Freude am Tanzen

Definitely Hemmann’s best track to date.  I’m sure I heard it played a few times last year because I can remember the vocals coming in and not being able to stop my head from nodding in approval.  It just goes to show, if you combine a throbbing bassline with a funky ass saxophone then you’re onto a winner.

Track:  ‘Phreqaflex’

Artist:  FaltyDL

Label:    Planet Mu

This is Drew Lustman, aka FaltyDL, in quasi-garage gear.  The three chord riff bounces alongside a snappy 2-step beat and rumbling sub, before seamlessly changing into a much grimier affair.   The transitions are expertly managed and show us the true extent of Lustman’s ability in arrangement.  To be fair, the whole EP is a must have.

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