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Manchester bidding for £23 million to help fund graphene centre

University of Manchester is bidding for more than £20 million of European money to help fund a research centre for wonder material graphene.

Nobel Prize winning scientists Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov at the University  carried out ground-breaking work with the substance last year, which has the potential to revolutionise computers and other electronic products.

The University has submitted an application to the European Regional Development Fund for £23m to go towards the development of a National Graphene Institute based in Manchester with a total cost of £61m.

Last year the institution received £38m toward the creation of the centre, the majority share of £50m allocated to ensure Britain stayed ahead of other countries in developing commercial uses for graphene.

If Manchester receives the bid, to be decided in December, work is set to start in March 2013, with doors set to open two years later.

“In the short-term the NGI will create 100 new jobs in the region, in addition to retaining the existing knowledge base within Manchester,” said a university spokesman.

“In the long-term it is expected that many thousands of new jobs will be created in the region.

“The University is currently in discussion with approximately 100 companies, who have made enquires about the NGI and the expertise offered by the University.”

Plans are for the centre to be built on land already owned by the university on Booth Street East.

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