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3rd October 2012

Putting the ‘Sis’ back into Genesis

Ellie Riley reviews West End musical ‘Sister Act’, on at Manchester Opera House this week.

Five stars out of five stars

Sister Act, the 1992 smash hit American comedy movie. A film that has made over $230 million worldwide, seen by everyone, it would seem, except for me. I entered the Manchester Opera House blindly, holding no expectations or prior knowledge, however as a Sound of Music lover the idea of a musical based on singing nuns wasn’t a completely alien thought to me.

The story of Sister Act is one of disguise, glitz, truth, and in the words of Delores, our showgirl/nun; being FABULOUS BABY

When Delores Van Cartier witnesses a mob crime, she turns to the police, where she is ordered to lay low in a nunnery until justice can be done. There are plenty of comically delivered lines here to entertain the audience as Delores struggles, at first, to adapt to her radically different life as a nun such as; “im going incognegro”, “look at this frickin penguins dress!”

Predictably the convent appears to be just what Delores needs and she brings the opposite to what you would expect to a church choir; dancing, pop and Motown music, glitz and glamour. Despite the choir’s initial resistance, it appears to be just what they needed ; they find instant success and secure a concert for the Pope, helped by their zany publicity, fronted by Delores. Undoubtedly, this is seen by Curtis, the leader of the mob and Delores’ ex-boyfriend, who now knows her whereabouts.

There are plenty more hilarious scenes as the rest of the disjointed mob crew attempt to enter the convent and seek out Delores. Justice prevails though and the mob is arrested to the applause of the audience.

This production truly encompassed all that a musical comedy should be, divinely funny but with fabulous singing to match. Delores, Sister May Robert and Eddie’s solos were jaw dropping at times. The dazzling wardrobe, with more glitter than you could even comprehend, portraying the ultimate disco vibe, topped off these amazing voices.

This is the perfect feel good musical to see, especially on a rainy Manchester night, it’s fun, fabulous and so uplifting that as a standing ovation the entire audience got up and started boogying along! Whilst the conductor popped up in full clerical attire! Great singing, glitz, catchy songs and dance moves I’ll be imitating, this really is a musical you don’t want to miss, so in the words of Delores and her Sisters, ‘Take the Hint’ and go and see this!


‘Sister Act’ runs at the Manchester Opera House until the October 6th

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