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3rd October 2012

Seven marathons in seven days raises over £14,000

The 180 run raised money for a Trust set up in memory of a former university of Manchester student

Two friends have completed the equivalent of seven marathons in seven days, raising over £14,000 for the Natalie Kate Moss Trust, founded in memory of a former University of Manchester student.

Natalie studied Textile Design and Design Management at the University of Manchester between 2004-2008 but died unexpectedly of a brain aneurism in December 2011, aged 26.

Natalie’s brother, Sebastian Moss, and their friend Ashley Collins began their marathon at the Quadrangle at the University before running 180 miles to London, finishing in Hyde Park. The route was chosen because it was the path that Natalie had taken just before she died.

Speaking about the run, Sebastian said: “It was physically the most difficult seven days of my life.  Torrential rain in the first three days didn’t make life any easier, as we moved further south the rain began to ease until we arrived in Hyde Park with glorious sunshine.

“We certainly had some dark and lonely moments on this run and what got us through was remembering all the support which we had received and were receiving during the run, those people that we would be able to help by raising all this money and particularly for me the memory of my sister and hoping that she would be proud of what I’m doing.”

The money, already exceeding the original £10,000 target, is still coming in. The Trust hopes to use the funds to award two annual University of Manchester scholarships to new students suffering from brain injuries, and to support University research into new treatments for strokes.

Sebastian said: “The Trust will offer students who have suffered a brain injury financial support, providing them with the opportunity to complete a degree at the University.  Many people with such disabilities are unable to attend because they cannot afford the additional support they require due to their condition, anything from help taking notes to specialised accommodation.  The Natalie Kate Moss Trust looks to give people a chance to fulfil their potential.”

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