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60 seconds with… Josh Cuthbert

How did you first know that you wanted to be a singer?

I performed as Scrooge in my year six school play. Since then my mum has always said that I should pursue singing, so I did various projects and formed bands. I wanted to be a singer because it’s what I love doing; I love performing and being on the stage.

Did you ever feel like giving up?

I have felt like giving up a few times. I came close to making it so many times but fell at the last hurdle. Fingers crossed this is the break I need!

How has your X Factor experience been so far?

My X Factor experience has been amazing so far. We have been working with the best people in the industry and have loved every minute of it! Plus I got a cheeky haircut out of it!

If you could duet with one other artist, who would it be and why?

It would probably be Chris Brown. I pretty much love all of his songs and he is my singing idol.

And finally, how do you stay grounded in such a manic industry?

To stay grounded I speak to my family all the time. I also make sure I never forget where I came from!

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