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11th October 2012

Manchester Uni Facebook page for ‘hilarious confessions’ launched

Facebook pages created for Manchester university students to tell all their shocking stories

A Facebook page for students to write about the deepest secrets and most outrageous stories was created last week.

‘University of Manchester Confessions’ was started on Wednesday October 10 and within a day obtained 1,151 likes. It is linked with a similar Manchester Metropolitan page.

The creator of the pages, who preferred to stay anonymous, said, “I got the idea from my friends over at Leeds Met and saw how it had taken off there and thought it would have the same – if not a greater reaction in Manchester.

“Some of the stories we are getting sent are genuinely hilarious and it’s a page that shouldn’t fizzle out, as every week people will have new stories and experiences to share with us.

“The page was only launched yesterday and has taken off dramatically.”

Students are invited to anonymously message “hilarious, embarrassing confessions,” to then be posted.

Among the submissions are tales of sexual debacles, alcohol-infused blunders and halls of residence pranks.

One story on the University of Manchester page said, “After telling halls of residence floor mates, if they use my George Foreman grill they HAVE to clean it. One decided he had a special privilege to not do so. I went in his room and pissed on his bed in ‘respect’ of his privilege.

“After turning his light on to admire my mess, his apple mac was sitting [there]. I tried to rescue it with his tracksuit bottoms that were tossed on the floor, however the contracted illness was terminal!”

The first post on the Manchester Metropolitan Confessions page said, “I got onto a lecture theatre computer today, and edited one of the lecturer’s powerpoints. It now has #YOLO on every single slide in massive letters. Sorry to the lecture this affects.”

There are similar pages for other universities around the country, including for Exeter and Nottingham.

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