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8th November 2012

Nifty-Thrifty Nails

When it comes to nail art, the options are endless…

Have you ever been flicking through your favourite fashion mag on a quiet afternoon when you spot the most amazing yet clearly impossible nail designs that leave you itching to replicate? However, without a personal A-list manicurist, and let’s face it, the sheer trickiness of that nail brush, the creation of such a masterpiece seems unattainable. Well fear not, for I went on a quest to find the best and easiest nail art trends bang in vogue right now

1. The Newspaper Nail:

Newspaper Nails. Photo: Tumblr

This style is certainly no novice to the world of nail art, however, it’s a simple, rather sophisticated yet edgy look that’s proving extremely popular among A-listers and the general public alike. The best part is, you can create this look effortlessly in a flash. Simply paint a base coat onto your nail (colour is optional), find a section of newspaper you want to transfer onto your nail, dip it in water and wipe away the excess, place it on your nail (once base coat is dry) and press firmly for approximately a minute and a half. Carefully remove the newspaper and voila, there you have it!

What’s more, this look can also be adapted to create versions using magazines or maps – you’ll never get lost on the London Underground again.

2. The Fabric Nail

Photo: ciaté.com

Renowned nail company, Ciaté, have welcomed a new addition to their ever-growing collection of trends with the introduction of the Velvet Manicure. It has already made it big on the catwalk at Monique Lhuillier’s Fall 2012 Runway Show and has been bagged by stars including Rihanna and Blake Lively. And at just £14 for the entire set including a paint pot, one pot of crushed velvet powder (in navy, plum or mink) and a little black brush, it’s not exactly hard to understand why. (A cheaper option could also be in the form of flocking powder, available at any craft store, creating the illusion of a shaggy woolen sweater.) Why not get creative with it as well?

Photo: Google Images

3. ‘Not Everything That Glitters Is Gold’:

Photo: Jenny @eBlogger (beautyRUSHx3)

The Fashion World has gone glitter mad this winter, so it’s no wonder that this made the cut. Firstly, this has got to be one of the easiest nail designs ever, plus, students, free glitter is NEVER going to be too far away if you want to be a little more creative than buying a glitter infused polish. But, quite literally the best thing about this design has got to be in its creation: hours of fun to be had on a Saturday night when it’s just too dreary to leave the house.

4. The Salted Manicure:

Photo: Pinterest

Even though the Caviar manicure gained many avid followers, at the end of the day, it was still overpriced and not as long wearing as you’d expect it to be for such a steep cost. However, a solution has been found…the salted manicure. Simply apply salt to wet nails and allow to dry. The moral is: when you’ve just got no fresh nail art ideas, go to the kitchen cupboard.

5. ‘Embellish Me Bold’:

Photo: Google Images

Got any odd buttons, poppers or crafty materials lying around somewhere under that mound of uni work? Well it’s time to put them to good use (and maybe shift that pile of books?) since 3D nail effects are suddenly becoming the new season must-do. You could use anything from rhinestones to parts of toys, or even punch a hole in your nail to attach chains… We’ll leave this one entirely up to you.

6. Lace Nails:

Photo: Diesel Factory

…Need I say more?

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