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8th November 2012

SIY: Stud it yourself!

Thrifty fashionista Tilly Miller shows you three easy steps to stud up your wardrobe at home.

I think everyone can agree that when it comes to fashion, why spend more when you can spend less and still look just as good?

At the moment studded denim shorts, shirts and leather are all very ‘in’. The only problem is that they tend to be particularly expensive items to buy on the high street. But don’t fear! If you don’t have the money to splash out in Topshop, why not start studding your own stuff? A lot of people have jumped on this thrifty fashion trend simply because it couldn’t be easier, or cheaper!

1. Buy some gold or silver pyramid studs, as these tend to be the easiest to apply. You can buy these from Ebay or Amazon all are priced under a fiver for a pack of 100 studs. The ones used on these shorts are silver pyramid studs from Amazon.

Photo: Amazon

2.Decide where you want to place the studs on the item (I’m using shorts as an example); it doesn’t really matter where they go, as you won’t feel them once they’re in. Then push the back spikes of the pyramid all the way through the material like a pin.

3. Push the back of the spikes inward towards the hollow centre of the pyramid to clasp the stud in place, and voila! Home made biker-shorts.

Photo: Tilly Miller

If you have misplaced the studs or just fancy taking them out again, use a pair of scissors to lift the metal spikes back up and pull the stud out from the front. They don’t leave an obvious mark once removed either, so are perfect for those of you who love to mix-up your fashion trends every now and then!

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