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18th February 2013

Must See: 25th February – 4th March

What’s on this week in local theatre

The Spiral

An original piece of theatre about the inner city clash of generations as dub poet Leroy ‘Steppin Razor mentors grime artist Glitzy. This is a play that speaks for itself.

Runs 27th-28th February at the Contact. Tickets £5



A drama which follows the story of Walter Tull, a real life First World War hero and the first black player in the First Division of the Football League. Focusing on his relationship with suffragette Annie Williams and the societal problems that they faced Tull is ‘inspirational, dramatic and moving – proving that through perseverance and a sense of community, divisions can be overcome’.

Runs 21st February – 16th March at the Bolton Octagon. Tickets £9.50


The Maenad – MIFTAs performance

A piece of new writing by Hugo Timbrell, directed by Hugo Timbrell and Anna Crace

Timbrell’s piece charts the progress of the Maenad, a figure from Greek mythology, as she escapes the world of male cruelty. The piece explores the nature of gender and global suffering.

Runs 28th February – 2nd March, 7pm at the Council Chambers, Students Union. Tickets £5


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